Pitch Investors Live Advisor Justin Wu Organizes First Blockchain Conference To Support The Blockchain Community In The Northwest.

With blockchain conferences popping up daily, it is more important than ever to learn, collaborate on projects, and become a thought leader in the industry. Every conference is unique but with a similar theme: marketing growth, navigating regulatory landscapes, and raising awareness on software updates and hackathons.

The Blockchain NW Conference was the first to take place in Seattle, with more than 800 investors, founders, and students of blockchain ascending the waterfront to discuss the blockchain agenda for the region and its future.

The funding landscape was best summarized by the team from Blockteam Ventures on the “Future of Funding” panel. Founder Simon Bogdanowicz categorized funding structure as: “core” companies with protocol technologies and platforms, “leverage” companies with positive cash flow and adding blockchain as their new vertical, and “transformative” companies with the ability to disrupt billion dollar industries, globally.

Fortunately, at Pitch Investors Live we meet all three categories. We are developing the protocols and already have the platform (iOS app) to support our users. We are cash flow positive and have the ability to reach millions of entrepreneurs and investors, with the ability to disrupt the global startup ecosystem and the crowdfunding models that come with it.

Several use cases for blockchain were presented and worth mentioning. On blockchain use cases, supply chain and logistics company Shipchain has engaged one of the largest suppliers of poultry, Purdue, for a pilot study to track the origin of chicken and feed. Now, for any entrepreneur who runs a food startup, sourcing ingredients and creating a brand around social impact or sustainable food products will want to verify the supply chain, and therefore an added value proposition to the investor. Additionally, entrepreneurs find the need to simplify the integration of real business applications onto a blockchain and that is what the blockchain platform DragonChain envisions.

Pitch Investors Live is like Shark Tank meets Kickstarter meets the blockchain. One of parts that Pitch Investors Live is bringing to the blockchain and entrepreneurship that is wildly missing is entertainment, information, and education. The bridge between all three attribute success shows like Shark Tank, Dragons, Den, and West Texas Investors Club have become so wildly popular in the last decade. We support blockchain companies as well as traditional companies that are launching new products and services. Blockchain is an added value for traditional business and tokens are payment methods for the services and products the companies offer. As Rex, COO of Ecoinmerce stated, “The community of token buyers help us get better products. Everyone is accountable and in a tokenized business, the way to raise money is the same way you start to build your user base”. Users add value to any platform as well as to the token that supports it.

The state of the blockchain industry was best explained by the Bloccelerate founder Kate Mitselmakher who launched the accelerator group to help companies get funding for blockchain projects. As former Gardner analyst, Mitselmakher predicted several trends for the future including governments adopting some form of crypto currency.

Yet the hurdles in adoption should be taken into account. Mitselmakher addressed that although 90 or more central banks have engaged in the discussion and with only 33% of 200 CIOs interviewed by Gardner showed support, there is much more work to be done. “Lack of talent” was one hurdle for many executives, argued Mitselmakher who mentioned that there are only “5,000 blockchain engineers in the world.”

PITCH Investors Live can help shed light on this problem by showcasing talent on the platform. When entrepreneurs pitch to investors they have now taken an active role in building their business and personal brands. Entrepreneurs have the chance to put up their asks, questions, and funding requirements on the PITCH platform before they pitch investors live, and in real time are able to connect to the resources whether it is advisory, capital, or potential resources for a small cost of $97. Traditionally, the cost of such connections to investment pools in places like Silicon Valley Wall Street amounted to tens of thousands of dollars.

The future of the blockchain world for many enthusiasts and experts is powerfully inspiring. As the value of coins and technology continues to increase, we can foresee more talent added on our platform, more connections, and engagements globally. “There will be more trillion dollar coins than trillion dollar companies”, says Mitselmakher who, like us, believes that blockchain is the social impact of the future.

Let the democratic process and disruption begin — one entrepreneur and investor at a time.