PITCH Investors Live Founder To Be Interviewed By NASDAQ Show — New Economies

Launching a startup, especially a new blockchain company, requires extra fuel and the proper engine to keep the gears turning. Our engine is fortunately powered by an amazing team of 40 individuals and close to a dozen advisors who are entrepreneurs themselves. Then there are marketing and media initiatives to make a splash in the marketplace, followed by unsolicited feedback and the strategic partnerships to position companies for growth.

PITCH Investors Live has been in stealth mode; its members agile in their efforts and promotion for excellent customer service and business stewardship. The company now has a global user base of entrepreneurs and investors, and has secured a stellar group of advisors with the necessary partnerships required to attract both whales and sharks to make the time and financial commitments.

“We are raising capital to grow,” said co-founder Jonathan Foltz, during his recent trip to San Francisco to meet with investors for the raise. “It was interesting to get feedback from them. Had we been headquartered in San Francisco, we would have received capital sooner, 3X on our investment.”

The founders are now traveling to New York City on August 15th to rehearse for an interview taking place at NASDAQ. The studios will host the show New Economies, a premier blockchain program that is being taped at Times Square studios the following day.

“One of our team members and writers, Alice Hlidkova, along with our advisor Lucas Cervigni, launched New Economies, giving PITCH Investors Live greater media coverage and exposure,” said Jonathan who, alongside Co-founder Matthew Lally, was invited to go live on the show. “We are excited to meet other blockchain founders, entrepreneurs, and investors to promote our platform.”

Close to a dozen companies will be interviewed on the show, followed by lunch at a local famous Italian restaurant, and networking hour event on a nearby rooftop. “We’re looking forward to meeting other blockchain experts in this space and investors, some of whom have been following us for months,” said Foltz.

New Economies LTD is a media company incorporated in London, England that brings awareness to blockchain technology projects and companies paving the building blocks for the future of industry. Hlidkova and Cervigni founded the company to give blockchain pioneers a voice in an increasingly saturated market. The company launched the show New Economies at NASDAQ to serve as a media platform for experts in the blockchain industry. The program is as an alternative to increasing PR and marketing costs for many businesses in this space. The show is a series of educational video content to not only increase startup and business social proof utilizing the NASDAQ brand, but also give participants a winning product for showcasing their value proposition.

Cervigni who came up with the program and convinced NASDAQ after 6 months to use the studio, says the “competition is increasing and more companies are looking for PR and marketing solutions to brand their products and services in the blockchain industry.” The Argentinian TV host, investor and entrepreneur adds, “Our goal is to become the leading authority on blockchain and use the program medium as a solution for a lot of the clients that I serve, including PITCH investors Live.”

Foltz and his team, who have experience in marketing and understand the vital role of media in any emerging tech, concluded, “Not a lot of companies provide entertainment, education, and creative marketing solutions, and the ones that do become our partners, like New Economies.”

For more info visit www.neweconomies.com