PITCH Investors Live Tours Crypto Valley Switzerland!

On the surface, Zug appears like many other Swiss towns, surrounded by a lake and adorned with mountains only skiers can dream of. Yet this tiny town is making a big splash and emerging as a leader in crypto-friendly regulations and investments. To give you an idea, Zug is the world’s first municipality to start accepting crypto earning the nickname ‘Crypto Valley.” Many of its residents, bankers, entrepreneurs, brokers, etc. practice buzz words like “crypto mountain”, “BTC ATM”, and “crypto nation”.

This well-off town has a large concentration of banks, hedge funds, and startups due to its reputation as a tax-and-business friendly hotbed. The new signs that have been emerging are having no income taxes, Bitcoin ATMs, and the types of cars around and on the road marking major affluence.

Now let’s talk crypto. As many of you may know, every country treats ICO’s and token sales differently and the culture of entrepreneurship also varies. But the principles around crypto and entrepreneurship are the same: show up, put together an MVP and team, seek capital via investors or become self funded, do your best job ever, line up strategic partners, and scale!

But hold on… The Swiss investors like Swiss companies, and the Swiss companies have their hands full to serve their Swiss clients keeping in mind the interest of investors. The community is very insular, tight knit, and they definitely have every right to be. The town and country has long been supportive of its local business community in and around Zug and beyond Zurich, its capital.

We met with Marcos Leonardo Benvenuto and Adrian Gut at Crypto Finance to discuss blockchain-related services through their three subsidiaries: Crypto Fund AG (Asset Management), Crypto Broker AG (Brokerage), and Crypto Storage AG (Storage). The gentlemen were impressed with PITCH Investors Live, especially with its mobile technology and ability to connect investors with startups. Next we met with CoinLab Capital, a crypto asset investment advisor for crypto assets to learn about access to innovative blockchain investment opportunities based on investment research. We couldn’t miss the chance to meet with Bitcoin Suisse AG, a licensed financial intermediary that has played a key role in major crypto/blockchain projects such as Ethereum and others. They are best known for facilitating ICO’s and token sales (what the Swiss call “Token Generation Events”) such as Melonport ($3M), Bancor ($153M), Status ($100M) and OmiseGo ($25M). Although these companies have not heard about PITCH Investors Live, the concept was what impressed them the most.

The key findings from Switzerland led to many surprises including the fact that Swiss banks manage crypto while the holders or “custodians” store it in Liechtenstein. Furthermore, as mining is becoming increasingly costly, many companies are innovating the hardware and software. One Swiss company has developed a chip to replace servers. While some view Swiss retail investors may still underestimate the risk of investing in ICO, the regulatory framework is in their favor as it is crypto friendly — stipulations are sound and defined. Additionally, Swiss ICO’s are expensive like starting a company or fund. Some local experts say, ICO’s take six months to launch and $500,000 of upfront capital (costs reflect KYC and marketing and are not much different from US counterparts). Meanwhile, Swiss security tokens don’t require licenses although they do have to be registered. These insights give evidence that the crypto community of regulators, business owners, and fund managers are strong in providing investment support to blockchain projects.

That’s good news for us and many other blockchain companies who can take example from the Swiss model. Although PITCH Investors Live is not a Swiss company, it gained attention and respect from a community that is naturally risk aversive, insular, and localized. With mobile technology and blockchain integration, PITCH Investors Live is becoming a true global brand.

Individuals from any jurisdiction can register to use the platform and make connections. For investors and startups that can’t be in multiple locations at the same time, they can quickly download the app and give or receive pitches. In many jurisdictions like in Zug, the business community is fond of iOS phones and with the amazing WIFI connection, the app works just fine. With our new and much anticipated Progressive Wep App (PWA) & Android versions, the platform can serve non-iOS users further setting PITCH Investors Live for the global stage. Ahead of the curve for decentralization of the platform itself.

As PITCH Investors Live continues to gain momentum globally, as does crypto, we will see more international business partnerships and greater awareness of entrepreneurship and investment leveraged by technology — and blockchain is just one example.

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