Oct 11, 2018 · 3 min read

Tease, Please, and Cease with Brian Harrington, Leading Investor at PITCH Investors Live

Son of Kevin Harrington, the Original Shark from Shark Tank, Brian Harrington is the ultimate networker. “We make a lot of friends, not enemies,” he says, sharing his views on business over a call to discuss PITCH. “My dad and I take every meeting,” and referral seriously. The two don’t “close doors,” and when they were introduced to PITCH Investors Live founders, Matthew Lally and Jonathan Foltz, they knew this could be the winner.

Brian Harrington and his father are investors who have taken dozens of pitches on the PITCH Investors Live platform. The father and son duo take time to review every pitch, thoroughly plan and conduct due diligence before they come to the business owners with news on whether or not they will proceed with the deal. “We loved the idea of entrepreneurs pitching us for partnerships and strategic alliance,” he said, expanding on the pitching process as being ludactious. “I’ve pitched before and it is not easy.”

At PITCH Investors Live, investors and entrepreneurs can take the pitch from a remote location while driving their car or sitting at home in their kitchen. The flexibility of location is what attracts both parties, and “one doesn’t need to stress about their environment,” says Brian, who understands first hand how to engage investors. “The number one inquiry we get is how people can find investors,” says the businessman. “If you don’t have the network, you can hustle but it is hard to find the right investor.”

Over the course of a few months, he is excited to see more women on board, who are “taking the front seat,” in business. But there is much more work to be done in getting not only more women to join, but also coaching entrepreneurs on the pitch. “People need practice,” and most don’t realize how much practice goes into pitching,” shares Brian who mentioned how on the show Shark Tank, many of the entrepreneurs spent hours rehearsing their lines.

Brian recommends entrepreneurs to command his attention within the first 60 seconds. “ My dad says, ‘tease, please, and cease,” he remarks, sharing his experience engaging the appetite of a shark. Brian adds that honesty is essential. ”I can tell when people are making things up,” he says. On fundamentals he says, “You know I will ask you about your customer acquisition cost, what market you are in, etc.” One tip he offers: “I want someone to answer my questions without [me] asking them.”

As Brian continues to take pitches on the platform, he looks forward to the level of entertainment made available on the app beyond the pitch itself. Like in Shark Tank, PITCH Investors Live will be able to create a compelling “show” for investors who are looking for quality projects and teams. “We love PITCH Investors Live and look forward to what is coming next,” concludes Brian.

About Brian:

Brian Harrington is an entrepreneur who has extensive experience in the Electronic Retailing Marketing Industry and has been involved in dozens of product launches reaching sales of well over $100 million. Brian is a partner in Kevin Harrington Enterprises, which owns, operates, and consults with dozens of companies around the world. Brian has a passion for entrepreneurship, supporting thousands of entrepreneurs around the world. Through these efforts, Brian has worked with Fortune 500 companies, top influencers, and thought leading business minds.

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