Marc Mueller
Aug 2, 2016 · 3 min read

Stereotypically an idea doesn’t just come to life in less than a week. Well, Dummi did.

Six days ago, I didn’t know what Dummi was, what it now is or what could become of it looking forward. Flipping through ideas on Pitchcard I came across one with the name “Feed.Me”, the idea that would eventually turn out to be Dummi as it stands today. I wrote some feedback, including my Twitter, so Aaron Benjamin, the author of the Pitchcard, could tell me more about the idea. After trading Twitter DM’s for about an evening of time, we decided to work on it, and so the adventure began.

Yesterday, was the day we had an MVP finished, after about 5 days of working on it, and wanted to share it, to get some feedback on what we already had made. So, 16 hours ago we posted Dummi on Producthunt. 9 hours ago was the time we hit 100 upvotes and went trending shortly after, and now, Dummi has over 150 upvotes and is on the Producthunt homepage joining many other awesome products in the popular section.

Dummi Producthunt Page

So what even is Dummi?

Well, Dummi is simple. It’s made for developers, designers or just anyone who needs some fake data for their project quickly with an easy way to implement it. with the “Users” preset loaded, ready to rock and roll

Currently, we have three types of data sets that you can create being users, news articles and movies, all of which you can choose from a preset or just customize for yourself using our GUI to select what types of values you want and how many sets of data you desire. In addition to the customization of output we also let you export this in currently (soon to be more) two file-types, being JSON and CSV.

Features Planned for the Future

  • The ability to save custom presets and share them
  • The ability of adding a custom name to a type of value
  • More supported file-types and more value types to choose from
  • InstantLinks: A way of getting all the generated content through a link instead of a file download

What Role does Pitchcard play in this?

Without Pitchcard, there probably wouldn’t have been Dummi, or at least not in the way that Dummi is today. It enabled the idea to be shared the way it was and made it possible for my connection with Aaron Benjamin to exist.

If you haven’t used Pitchcard yet then its definitely time you start using it. It is probably the way that a lot of new ideas will be found in the future, and also a place you can find new things you want to work on, just like I did with Dummi.


If you are interested in using Dummi you can check it out on Show some love with an upvote for Dummi on ProductHunt and/or follow @DummiApp on Twitter.

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