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This is a story of my huge list of ideas and a folder full of unfinished projects. I fought it with


List of Ideas

Like most people with the need to build things, I also had a huge list of ideas. This list kept growing and growing. I was adding more than I actually removed or built.

The problem was, that I though I shouldn’t talk to anyone about my idea. With that mindset, the only way to get feedback, was actually to built it. So I spent weeks to build some of these ideas just to figure out later that they sucked. After some failed projects, I knew, I had to change the way I was starting projects.

The best feedback is brutal honesty.

I started to talk to friends about my ideas. Very soon I figured out, that it isn’t good either. The problem of this way to get feedback of your idea is, that friends/family try to be nice. That’s exactly what you don’t want as feedback for your idea. You want honest feedback.

Unfinished Projects

With the feedback of my friends and some google search sessions, I could prioritise my ideas. So the next step was to actually built them.

As I’m a developer, I could start coding right away. After some long night and countless bugs, I actually had 90% of the idea done but It was not ready yet. I didn’t had the skills of a Designer, Social Media Expert and others. Very soon I lost my interest in that project and started another one where I could actually use my own skills.

Projects folder: A graveyard of good ideas.

This was a huge mistake, as I ended up having a folder with a lot not yet released projects. I spent so much time doing what I was good in, but it was not enough to release.
I didn’t had the required skills and got tired of the projects very quick. I felt I was stuck in something and didn’t have progress. That’s why my project folder became the graveyard of my ideas.

Nobody will steal your Idea.

After countless hours of work and not released projects, I had to learn that feedback at the very beginning of an idea, is the most important thing. I had to learn it the hard way, that nobody will steal my idea.

There are a lot of articles on medium about why nobody is going to steal your idea. My favourite is the one written by Lee Gordon.

The One Project to Rule Them All

I wanted to be quick on evaluating my ideas. I did some research but couldn’t find any good solution. That’s why we (susu__garcia and I) decided to do one more project (I know, again another project) to make this flow very easy and quick.

The result is A platform to pitch and explore ideas. A platform to get quick and honest feedback. A platform to find collaborators and join a team with amazing skills.

You Have an Idea

People with amazing ideas can pitch to a variety of people (developer, designer, …) and can get honest feedback. You have just 200 chars for your description.

You Have Skills and Expertise

People with amazing skills can explore new ideas daily and give feedback. If they really like an idea, they can offer help to actually built it. You don’t have to built a “todo list” anymore to just try out new technologies. Built something useful.

Thanks for reading. Please help us to spread the word and to bring skilled people together. Like it, share it and follow us on Twitter or Facebook.


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