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The Fantasy Football of Silicon Valley

How we got from a 200 character per pitch to a Silicon Valley gamification.

Nov 13, 2016 · 3 min read

How it Started

When we (@lailo_ch and I) started to build, we posted a first version on May on Product Hunt. It was a single page application and we reached nearly 500 votes. People really liked the concept and the simplicity of the app, apart from the way they could get quick feedback.

At that time, we had other side projects in mind. To be honest, we started to build Pitchcard just to try some technologies (like React and Node.js) and we wanted to start the next project as soon as possible. But as I said, we were overwhelmed with the positive feedback people gave to the product. So we followed our instincts and continued working on this idea.

What’s Next

So people started to give us pretty good feedback. For example, they wanted to have an Explore Section to see new ideas. We built it as fast as we could and releasing it again in Product Hunt. This time, we reached nearly 700 votes and were #1 of the day in Tech.

People really loved it more and more so we kept working on it. We realised that it was a very good way not only to get quick feedback but to find collaborators and to start working on ideas together. There are already some products that were first pitched on Pitchcard, found collaborators and posted in Product Hunt.

Value For Everyone

We realised very quickly that the user who pitched ideas got a lot in return but the ones who gave feedback and voted, didn’t get much. We tried to fix this by building a ranking of Most Active Users on the home page. But it wasn’t enough either.

We stepped back and searched for solutions. Instead of searching in the web, we had a look in the real world. “How does it work there when you have an idea and want to build it?”, we asked ourselves. We ended up in the Silicon Valley and the startup gold rush.

The way we see it works in the real world is that there are two type of actors: Investors and Founders. As I said, we were giving already a lot to the founders, so we decided to focus more on the investors. The way we see investors is they can bring in money, knowledge and connections. That was exactly what we needed.

Fantasy Football

We started to think on how to abstract this concept and we found some similarities with Fantasy Football and FIFA Soccer Manager.

So we ended up having a pretty simple concept.

  1. Everyone collects every day his virtual money: Pitchdollars(P$)
  2. The Founder pitches his/her idea to get feedback and investment
  3. The Investor can invest between P$0 and P$10'000 and gets +10% immediately returned
  4. The Investor can give feedback and collaborate or help to connect the founder with the right people
  5. The Founder builds the product and releases it and he/she and his/her investors get +50% of the investment.

Apart from that, the founder can send more updates on the product he/she built so the users who invested (potential users/customers of the product) will get notify.

Be the Best

To be able to compete with each other, we added rankings for top founders and investors over all and in specific categories like AR/VR, Mobile and Education, among others.

We added as well badges in 3 different levels starting with Junior, then Senior and ending with Master. You can get the Master in 5 different categories: total wealth, investment, raised money, feedback and pitched ideas.

The only question left is: What are you best at — founder or investor?
Join and figure it out.

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