The way I use Pitchcard

You’ll never use a product the way it has been developed for.

Jan 4, 2017 · 2 min read
Infinite Landscape, Infinite Imagination (Michael Hull)

Do you know what is Pitchcard?
It is this awesome website where you are able to test your billion dollar idea to the rest of us. This is quite useful because asking your family and friends is not the best way to do for sure. They won’t want to hurt you and they’ll say “Oh, looks like a really great idea”. Then you’ll maybe go right to the wall, or maybe you will be the next billion dollar company.

Pitchcard works like a realistic game, you are both investor and founder. As investor, you collect 1000P$/day to invest in ideas you love and as founder you can pitch your idea with a small title and a short description. You build your idea, investors will get back 50% of their investment.

Know you know what it is, I can explain you the way I use this service.

“Ideas are easy. It’s the execution of ideas that really separates the sheep from the goats.” — Sue Grafton

In fact, before I knew Pitchcard, I had a todolist with every ideas I accumulated. Maybe it was 10, maybe 100 of ideas. It was closed and all feedbacks coming from my family and friends. And the day I discovered Pitchcard, it was, for me, THE product I always wanted. I posted day after day ideas I found worth it and was or wasn’t.

I didn’t build any of this ideas. Some were already built and in a better way I used to imagine, some were not motivating enough for me.
But these ideas (maybe I should say concept) are here, available to everybody on the Internet who wants to build them. Feel free to use, build, improve, fork as you want.


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