The Next Generation of VC: Meet Piva Capital’s 2021 Summer Associates

Meet William, Whitney and Daniel

“I’m passionate about the intersection of climate change and frontier technology, and how together, they can change the way we live.”

“My passion lies squarely where Piva’s lies: helping build groundbreaking companies in the future of energy, industry, and materials. The slate of exciting deals that Piva has announced over the past two years represents a dynamic and transformative set of businesses with profound potential in climate — that is the work to which I am fully dedicated.”

“At Duke, I founded an energy club and supported the annual Duke Energy Conference, where I organized a cleantech venture capital panel. This was my first exposure to VC; through the process, I met 10+ investors doing what sounded like a dream job — funding the companies building the future of energy and industry and addressing climate change. ‘Climate Tech VC’ became a North Star as I built out my career.”



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