Through the Lens. Berlin

What does it mean to see the other city, country? Don’t you think that just visiting some touristic sightseeing from the guide is not enough? How to feel the spirit of the place? You can take a cup of hot coffee and just watch the people and life around.

Pixabay will help you to see numerous cities around the world from the other perspective. This is the way real people see the places where they live or which they travel to. Here you won’t find images from guide books and tourist brochures. These are photos of a living city through the lens of real people.

Today is Berlin! And as it is a virtual travel here are some interesting facts about the place you’re going to visit. Did you know that:

… there are 117 settlements with the same name?

… you can see the hat that Napoleon lost at the Battle of Waterloo here at the National History Museum?

… there are more museums than rainy days per year?

… Berlin has more bridges than Venice?

… most of apartments are without numbers and are recognized by their owners’ name?


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