No coding required. Introducing Pixboost Snippet Generator

Good news today from Pixboost. We have just released our Snippet Generator tool publicly.

One day we got a letter from one of our customers in which they asked if there was a way to help them avoid coding when using Pixboost Platform on a daily basis.

It’s not always a developer who creates code for a website. In reality, the majority of employees have access to the code: content managers, copywriters, marketing specialists, designers, data scientists and so on.

We have accepted the challenge and created a Snippet Generator tool.

To start using Pixboost all you need is to modify the URLs of images that you would like to pass through the service for optimisation or scaling purposes.

Full documentation on Snippet Generator and on the setup of Pixboost.

That’s what Snippet Generator does for a user. It creates the small blocks of reusable code to insert in a code of a website. So, yep! No coding required. You Copy the result, and you are ready to go.

Setup is pretty easy too; you put sizes of images for the devices you would like to, and you automatically see the preview and updated code in the Snippet Generator.

So, please come and try our new tool, and let us know if we can improve it in any way. Would be thankful for any feedback. Please post here in comments or write us directly.