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Trends and technologies are changing too fast. It’s very hard to catch up all the updates. It’s not always easy for the creators, designers or makers to find a way to monitor the flow of information, select it and avoid to lose too much time to do it. There is a selection of tools that can help us make this possible.

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Monitoring and collect data for creators

Monitoring is the principle to collect information, data, process and share this information in a systematic way. Monitoring helps us to measure trends with the data collected. Data is a scientific word which can be easily translated as news, inspirations, and tutorials.
The systematic way is very important in order to not lose too much time. Because it’s good to know the trends, but be productive, create and manage is more important. Monitoring is not your main goal.

That’s why there are several tools that can help us to manage your monitoring process without feeling overwhelmed. These tools have different goals but when you use them together you can manage every part of an information monitoring system quickly and efficiently.

Collect the information

One the best for this mission is Feedly. This tool is an aggregator application which works on web browsers or mobile (Android and iOS app). With Feedly, you can connect with the blog of a lot of websites and import their articles inside the app. You can organize the websites par categories. Feedly will update the categories when the websites publish a new article. You can read all your sources of information in one place. You can read all the news you need in one place. It’s a good way to limit the inscription to newsletters too and reduce the flow of emails.

Another good source of news is Twitter. You can follow the leaders of your industry, the influencers and design inspiration. Twitter will allow you to follow their updates very easily. Don’t forget that you can create lists in order to segment the information.

The last is the more classic: the newsletter. Even if a great advice is to limit the subscription to newsletter some can be really great. For example send you every day a list of the five best links about design. The information is limited and selected that's fine. But limit your subscription to avoid to waste too much time in your monitoring the process.

These three tools are really enough. More will take too much time. Check them at a precise time in your day. Once per day is enough. Otherwise, you will lose too much time. But sometimes you need creative inspiration too. You need to search for a specific topic for a customer for example. This can be easily done with different platforms.

Websites for searching inspiration

This task is different than the classic process of monitoring. It’s more a task of searching, but you can use this website for daily inspiration too. Pinterest, Behance, Dribbble are probably the social networks you are searching for. These social networks are the most common place to find design inspiration. If you are in a specific domain there is probably a more specific website and you can probably integrate it in Feedly directly.

Pinterest is great to search images, it's a Google image that you can organize to feed your inspiration. Behance and Dribbble are more specific to follow creative people and stay connected with their updates.

Do you need others feeds ?

In fact, not really, it's probably all. Add more source of information will be more a pain than a gain. You need to produce and to be focus that's mean avoid to collect too much information.

One last tool can be useful to keep the most useful article or keep a list of articles to read later. This tool is Evernote. It’s great to save a complete article and organize the article by tag. You can even save an article in offline mode. It’s the last tool. It’s totally enough to collect and organize a very developed collect of information.

Another important rule is to limit the number of websites, people or brands you follow. With too much, you will not read or follow the details.

Only follow quality source that provides value. You will not have a lot of websites if you to follow this rule.

Another important point is to segment the information by topic that’s help a lot to understand and process the information. It’s easy to do with all these tools. Use organization in Feedly, create bundle email by topic or Pinterest boards. It’s easy to make your monitoring easier.


Three tools can make the job done. Feedly, Twitter, and some specific newsletter will be enough to start a monitoring system. If you need daily inspiration only some social networks would help. Always limit the numbers of sources for each tool. Fix precise times to check them to avoid the FOMO (fear of missing out). Just check once per day is enough to catch the most important information.

What’s coming next

I will write articles about different guide and advice for productivity. The goal of this article is to give you the tools and the organization that will help to focus on quality and how to create value and great products.

This post is part of a series covering the launch of a creative business. If you’re interested in some context on me as a digital partner, check out my LinkedIn account. Also, feel free to get in contact through Twitter or my website with any questions or suggestions.

Thank you for reading!

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