Let’s talk: Validation; Viability; Feasibility and Design Sprints | Video Transcript

by Lauren Yeoman, Marketing & Comms Manager, and SJ Lee, Business Development at Pixel Fusion

Most ideas are actually viable — You just don’t know it yet | SJ Lee

Hey I’m SJ, I work in Business Development here at Pixel Fusion.

I think when we work with Start-up with clients one thing we really try to emphasize and help with is that it’s worth startups thinking about the holistic picture of their idea. So you might have a really great, exciting, amazing idea and it solves a particular problem, but we try to challenge and ask the questions like: “How are you actually going to make this viable?”, “Is this actually a real business that you can take to the market?”, “What are the technical requirements — is it actually feasible?”. If you’re a Start-up looking how to market your idea, then these are all the types of things you should consider. One thing we found is that a lot of ideas — in fact most great ideas — are actually viable. You just don’t know it yet! It’s really important to look at it from all points of view and not just look at one business model, but think about several other touchpoints on how is this actually valuable, not just for your existing customers, but the different types of customers you perhaps haven’t thought about.

Something we do at Pixel Fusion to help this process is a Design Sprint, where we take the time to really understand the business problems and the user problems, match them together and come up with a product prototype which we’ll go and test with real users so that in the end you come up with a whole bunch of validated assumptions that can be formed into a viable product or an MVP.

So if you’re a startup and you’re looking to market your idea, some of the questions you might like have to ask yourself are: “Who are your users (actually)? “What is your current business model — are there any business models that we haven’t thought of yet?” “What are other companies doing to also compete in your space?” “Is there a solution that is, perhaps, not that great, but is already sorting out that problem?” “How is your product or idea going to solve those problems better?” Some of these questions and asking the ‘why’s’ is really going to help formulate your business models your strategy and come up with a truly great product that is also viable, feasible and valid too. And the great thing is that if you are looking for help, or if you want to just come in for a chat here at Pixel Fusion — I’m always around and I’m always happy to chat so come in, and get in touch.

Watch the video here: https://medium.com/pixel-fusion/lets-talk-validation-viability-feasibility-and-design-sprints-c658dc611bad

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