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Two Weeks in Apeland

Hey hey ape family! As we’ve now crossed the great plains of the two week mark we wanted to bring further clarity to this project and our intentions.

This last week has been absolutely bananas and we want to thank all of our supporters so far. It was exactly one week ago that we suddenly sold out and the demand skyrocketed. Now we look to the future.

Shout out to @LordSnickers87 for the epic meme!


We will be launching our website in the coming week. This will act as a hub to connect between all of our different platforms and keep you all up to date with the project. We’ll also add a gallery section with the Pixel Apes collection we have minted to date, and include all their descriptions and our new rarity categories that have been introduced.


To give greater clarity we are introducing a new consistent pricing model for all future drops, which is as follows:

“I turned myself into a banana Monkey!”

Common Pixel Apes: 0.4Eth
Uncommon Pixel Apes: 0.5Eth
Rare Pixel Apes: 0.6Eth
Epic Pixel Apes: 0.8Eth
Legendary Pixel Apes: 1Eth or auction

In addition to the above we will also do the occasional surprise drop for 0.25Eth, which will be posted in our Discord channel 5min before they are listed. So be sure to stay active in our Discord to be the first ape in the know.

Apes together in Discord, strong!

We know that our prices are higher than many of the other projects on OpenSea, but as the quality and collectability of our pieces are increasing, we truly believe we are creating some of the best pixel art in the game. We won’t compromise quality, even if it means decreasing the frequency of our drops. That said at the end of the day we just want Pixel Apes in as many wallets as possible, so we will also consider offers made on Pixel Apes which don’t sell quickly, so for those of you monkeys who can’t afford the list price then feel free to make an offer and start collecting.

This also goes for any auctions which don’t meet the 1Eth reserve price. We will accept the highest offer on the piece one hour after the auction expires.

We will also be hosting a number of giveaways every week, with the goal to give away at least 50 total Pixel Apes across the course of the project. We currently have a live giveaway on our Twitter page, so head over and check it out if you haven’t already.

The twitter giveaway is going ape!


There has also been some monkey business around our strategy and the lack of sales in the secondary market. As smart apes we’re not surprised that there haven’t been many resales as most people are listing their Pixel Apes at 10+ times their original sale price.

The secondary market will take off once we finish each character’s collection. All of our pieces are unique, unless someone really wants a specific piece it doesn’t make sense for them to snap up a resale while we’re dropping new pieces every day. Once we complete our release of 100 Baby Caesars and move on to Arthur, we expect the secondary market for Baby Caesar to go bananas.

He’s just fishing for compliments!

We aspire to make Pixel of the Apes one of the most iconic NFT collections on the market, so we’re gonna keep releasing them until we finish our total run of 810, no matter what. If however for some reason we decide to change our total supply, it’ll only be to make less, not more, thus making them rarer and more collectable. 810 will be the absolute maximum amount we will produce.

So if you’re looking for a quick flip, you may want to look elsewhere. But if you’re looking to join an awesome community filled with hilarious banana gifs (I’m looking at you Dillon Francis) and support some great charitable causes, while also picking up a beautiful one-of-a-kind art piece which may prove to be an incredible investment in the coming months and years, then you’ve come to the right place.


The first of many!

We made our first charitable donation to The Jane Goodall Institute today for £1,000. This was just an initial donation to show we are serious about following through on our promise, and henceforth we are committing to donating at least 10% of our net profit to charity. If you have any charities you want to recommend, please reach out, but we will not support zoos as apes belong in the wild.

‘We should be giving them the opportunity to live their own lives in their own way. And we should stop interfering’. AP Photo/Jean-Marc Bouju

We are speaking with accountants to ensure everything is managed properly and ensure these donations are handled in the most tax efficient way, including GiftAid.

See how Jane good to apes here!


We will be posting another update soon, so stay tuned. Until then remember to share your bananas!

Apes together, strong!

Jesse Metcalfe aka Apericot aka SirnoSleep
Alex Smeele aka Monkey_Business

All hail BONJOOK!




People say we monkey around!

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