Episode One, Live Out Loud

We’re redesigning our website, and sharing the journey with everyone.

Um, Hello world.

I’m a graphic designer who likes to make minimalist logos and pictures of cocktails. As of this summer, I also work for a company called Pixel Tours.

My new coworkers are a pretty stellar bunch of thinkers, makers, movers and shakers, doing way-above-par work, with no online presence.

Until now.

We got a new wall today (it’s a long story involving flooding). It felt like the right time for a fresh start.

We’re building a new website, and we’d like to show you how the sausage is made.

It’s my hope that in doing this, we can share something of value with anyone who decides to read these. In fact, I already have one lesson for you: Just Press Publish. I’ve been hoarding this draft for weeks, possibly even months, for fear of how bad my writing is. Please don’t do that. If you have ideas, share them.

We’ve resolved as a company to live out loud, now it’s on us to put our money where our mouths are. I have no idea what’s going to happen in the coming weeks, but whatever does, you’ll see it here.

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