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Wim Brand
Wim Brand
Feb 10, 2019 · 2 min read

I’m currently working on merging the old Java-based website (which has the majority of the users) and the new Go-based website Here is how it will work:

  • User accounts will be moved to the new database. If you have an account with the same name on your files and lists will be linked to that account and the old one discarded. Only your password will keep working. This only applies to 8 users including me.
  • Login sessions on will be deleted. After the merging you will have to log in again on all your devices
  • will become the primary website address, will redirect to can still be used for short URLs
  • The new API (documentation at ) will become available at The old API ( will keep working through a compatibility layer. Please migrate your applications to the new API
  • Files on will be copied over to the new site and will keep their 6-character IDs. Newly uploaded files and lists will receive 8-character IDs for increased security
  • File expiry time will be extended from 60 days to 90 days of inactivity
  • File size and upload bandwidth limit will be raised to 10 GB

Before the migration starts I will be working on feature parity between and so you won’t lose any functionality that you use. I will also add an account settings page where you can update your username, e-mail address and password whenever you like.

During the migration you can expect a few hours of downtime. I will announce this downtime on my Twitter feed.

When Sia version 1.4 is released all files on pixeldrain will be stored on Sia. Not just files on anymore. External backups will be kept in case of a failure in the Sia daemon.

Features which are next on the roadmap after the migration include:

  • User settings screen for updating your password, e-mail address and username (short-term)
  • Unique views, downloads and bandwidth usage stats will be visible for each file (short-term)
  • Online file manager for organizing and sharing directories of files (medium-term)
  • Ability to revise a file after it has been uploaded, with a revision log and rollbacks (medium-term)
  • Options for storing files permanently without an expiry time. This will be limited to a certain amount of GB per account and require e-mail verification. Payment options will be introduced for raising the storage limit with Siacoins, bitcoins and maybe other currencies (long-term)
  • A client library which makes building applications on top of pixeldrain easier. This library will attempt to integrate with technologies like d-bus and GNOME online accounts (medium-term)
  • A desktop client built on the client library which will attempt to tightly integrate with the GNOME desktop environment (long-term)
  • Integration with other desktop environments (long-term)

I’m also in the process of registering a company called Fornaxian Technologies ( which will be the company maintaining Pixeldrain as its flagship product.


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