7 Trivial Hacks to use Headlines Effectively.

In 8 Seconds, grab reader’s attention before he/she goes to the next article.

This magic can be performed only by YOUR HEADLINE.

Let me share a story about a young entrepreneur Danny who wants to make his startup go viral. He understood the importance of Content Marketing and prepared himself by reading, watching & experiencing about the same.

Danny: Yaay! Finally, it’s over. Wow What a content. This article will go viral, it will impact many people’s life.

A friend: Ya..You said this the last time as well, before publishing.


Ya! Its true. I don’t understand, why are people not opening my article. How will they know that it has the power to impact life, for betterment. What should I do to get them to click my blog.

(Danny was completely confused and worried)

A friend: (After going through the article’s that Danny had published earlier) Hey Dan! Your content is truly amazing. But your headlines are boring, old, large, vague, ineffective etc.,

Danny : Woah! That’s Offensive.

A Friend: Wait I can Help! I have a hack to help you construct ‘mind-altering’ headlines. A Headline decides whether the reader will reject or read the article.

Danny : You have a hack? What is it?

(The friend opens the diary to a page which says, 7 simple rules to construct The Ultimate Headline for your content.)

A Friend: Let me explain

Rule 1. Negative words cause more clicks.

Studies show that superlative words (like best, Biggest, Highest) can be used for effective headline. But looks like, negative superlatives are way more powerful.

There was a study on 65,000 titles/headlines, Dividing them into three categories:

  • Headline with No Superlatives showed no performance at all
  • Headlines with Positive Superlatives have performed 29% worse than average
  • Headlines with Negative Superlatives were 30% better than average

Reasons why?

  1. Negative words happen to raise alarm in a person’s head, making him more cautious and conscious.
  2. Since It’s unexpected, It brings a surprise element.
  3. Negative words also tap into our insecurities in a powerful way. Words like stop, don’t avoid, make people want to read and find out if they are doing the right thing.

Rule 2. Keep your headlines under 65 characters to ensure search visibility.

Readers gauge the essence of the article from the headline. Only 55–65 characters are visible to a user on a search engine.

Every Headline is constructed with some thought and effort. To make sure it does not get cut off and rejected, keep your character limit under 65. Its is easy to see and simple to understand.

Rule 3. Use specific headlines that match your content.

It’s very important that your headline does not misguide the readers. They must know, what they get in return just by reading the title. This surety makes them open the article.Your title should be a clear symbol to what your article depicts.

Your headlines must clear and specific. They do not wish to waste time reading an article that may or may not have anything to interest them.

Rule 4. Use Number — “Odd numbers perform better than even ones.”

Use numbers in your headline. It grabs attention.

Why? Our brain process number faster than words. Also, it signals the reader to get a quantity of information rather than just a bank of pose.

Studies have proven that when you are using numbers in the headline, odd numbers attract more eyes and attention than even numbers.

Tip : Numerical figures to mention by number not words.

Rule 5. Aim to have six words in your headlines.

Shorter the headline — faster to read, easier to understand and in search the entire headline can be shown. Write to summarize your blog in 6 words.

Rule 6. Avoid words that have multiple meanings.

confusing the Reader is A Big NO NO

Readers like it straight, to the point and value adding. Anything vague that confuses the readers, is a Big NO NO.

Rule 7. Include power verbs and interesting adjectives.

Here is the blog headline formula:

(odd number) (Negative adjective) (mistakes/tips/insights/shortcuts) for (achieving/avoiding) (desired outcome/disaster)

Let me show you an example: Neil Patel’s blog had a headline : “5 Shocking facts that will change your entire approach to social media.” This headline serves 5 out 7 rules. Rule 1,3,4,5 &7. Similarly, even you can use this guideline to construct the perfect headlines.

In conclusion, A headline is what gets your content clicks. A mind blowing content goes waste, if slapped together with a boring headline.

The Biggest Mistake in Content Writing — BORING HEADLINES.

Get rid of it, use these rules. Formulate a clickbait headline for your content, but at the same time remember the content also has to justify the headline and bring value to the readers.

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