How to keep your sales high after the Holiday Spike

Zaw Min Tin
Apr 21 · 4 min read

When the holiday season ends, the sales are bound to take a nosedive. While the holidays are providing the perfect storm for increasing your business revenue, keeping this momentum going to take additional effort and businesses need to devise some smart ways to beat the seasonal slow-down. Here are some ways to keep your sales high after holiday seasons.

Provide excellent customer service

One of the best ways to overcome post-holiday sales slow-down is to support to each of your customers with top quality. Customers, especially the new ones, may have tons of questions which are connected with the products they recently purchased. If you do not answer in time, people are getting frustrated and may even return a product or ask for a refund.

Thus, try to provide the best quality support as much as you can and make sure that each of your customer has been heard and you are describing issues. Combine your efforts and a personal touch to avoid not only refunds in the post-holiday period (after Thingyan), but also have new customers for your business.

Start another sale

As shoppers buy from you not only because of the holiday season but because of discounts, you should prepare to start sale again after you have offered your promotions, discounts, freebies, coupons and free shipping. And thus, you will be able to bring your customers back for a second-round of bargain basement prices. You don’t have to provide exactly the same level of sale, but just a sale is powerful enough to get you back on track.

Refresh your brand

The post-holiday period is the time when most businesses take off holiday decorations and get back to their traditional familiar design. This is a great chance for you to surprise your audience with a new refreshed company logo, new website layout, new product design, etc. But you need to be careful when you redesign your brand identity. Refreshing a brand is not only about a design change. You can also change the ways you promote your products to the target audience, support your customers, etc. Changing these aspects will also help you keep your brand fresh and vibrant.

Chase the Abandoned Carts

Recovering the abandoned carts after the holidays can help you increase sale. Create an abandoned cart email campaign and chase those who didn’t complete their checkouts during the holiday season by offering them special discounts and deals. Send your customers creative follow-up emails about the missed opportunity. Staying in touch with the customers is an expression that you care for them which can bring them back.

Stay attentive and responsive on social media.

Given the influx of online and offline shoppers during the holidays, it’s more important than ever to make sure your customer service team is fully staffed to answer every customer inquiry on social. Impressing people and being on top of your game is vital. The most popular products and frequently asked questions give you a crucial starting point for social content and promotions to keep your sales up.

Launch a New Product

While other marketers get busy re-stocking their inventory, stand out of the crowd by launching a new product in the market. Grab their attention by showcasing the new products in your inventory. Customers are willing to convert for new items. Assemble your marketing guide and launch a compelling launch and offer early bird discounts on upcoming products to give your store a competitive edge.

Don’t go quiet

After the holiday season, retailers are exhausted. We assume that the customers are, too. But they’re listening. They’re still there. This can be a perfect time for you to attract attention to your business. Spark interest among your potential customers with something really unusual and appealing. If you can get loud when everyone else is quiet, you’ll be the voice that people listen to more. Business must go on.

These tactics can help you get through the sales decline soon after the holiday spending sprees ends. The best thing to do is to not disappear after the holiday season ends. Surprise your customers, keep them interested and that will help you keep your sales and profits high.

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