PixelMe, how can I retarget on Facebook Ads every people who clicked on my link?

PixelMe’s dashboard

A t PixelMe we strongly advise you to embed a retargeting pixel in every link you share on social networks 😃


I’m sure you’re already sharing awesome content on your social media profiles.

While this keeps your profiles active, you might find yourself asking, “Does it help me bring more leads to my business?” Not sure… except maybe sendingout a ton of free traffic to other cool sites.

However, embedding a retargeting pixel while sharing other people’s cool content also allows you to grow your own traffic and lists. We connect the dot between social media and marketing 😃

Here is a step by step guide on how to use use PixelMe to embed retargeting pixels from Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Google Ads platform.

Step 1 — PixelMe Signup & Free trial

  • Signup
    Start your Free trial
    Add your Pixel

Visit pixelme.me and signup for a new account. We offer a 7 day free trial of our Business plan to every new signup. (You won’t even need to provide any credit card details!) So you can enjoy the full power of PixelMe for free!

As soon as you reach your PixelMe Dashboard, click on “Settings” in the left menu.

The first step is to add all the retargeting Pixel IDs you want for every Ads platform you use.

When you add your pixels you can give each of them a name. It will be easier to select them when you shorten a new link.

In this guide we will cover Facebook Ads. Notice that it’s pretty similar to the other Ads platforms. (If you’re looking for your Facebook pixel ID, click here)

Now you’re ready to start embedding a retargeting pixel to every link you share!

Step 2 — Shorten every link with PixelMe

  • Select a Pixel, add an URL
    Share your shorten URL

In your Dashboard, you’re now ready to start shortening every link with your retargeting pixels in the links. You can include just one or all your retargeting pixels in every link. It’s up to you 😃

To do this: Select the right Pixel, paste a URL, and click on the “PIXELME” button

Your link should be ready in your table below like this:

Now you can share your shorten URL on every platform you’d like.

Step 3- Share PixelMe links on social Media

  • Measure number of Cliks in your Dashboard
    Look at your Facebook Pixel Fire

Did you share your shorten URL? If so, then you should start seeing number of clicks right in your PixelMe dashboard 🚀
You can see the total number of clicks for each link, like this:

You’ll also be able to see the total number of clicks on all your links at the top of the dashboard

One thing to note is that it’s super important to find how big your custom audience is in Facebook directly.
In your Facebook Ads dashboard (follow this link), you should be able to see your custom audience.

Having the number of clicks in PixelMe’s dashboard and the number of Pixel Fires in Facebook gives you an opportunity to compare both metrics. With PixelMe, you know exactly the total number of clicks which gives you a pretty good idea of how your links perform and the total audience you can reach. With Facebook, Pixel Fires are your total “targeting audience”. This corresponds to the total number of people who clicked on your link and who have been identified by Facebook on their platform. In other words, this is the people who will see your ads in the next step 😁

Step 4- Create a custom audience with all the people who clicks on your link

  • Create a custom audience

You’re seeing your Pixel Fires in Facebook? That’s very good 👍
After few days of sharing your link, you should have enough people to start creating a custom audience and retargeting people.

To do this:
In your Facebook pixel dashboard, click on “Create Audience” in the top left.

The next step is to filter your custom audience for all the people who visited a specific webpage. Here’s how to do this:
Select “URL” “contains” and type “pxlme.me

Step 5 — Create an Ads to retarget all the people who click on your link

  • Launch a Facebook ads campaign

Now that your custom audience is set up, let’s retarget that audience! In your Facebook Ads manager’s menu, go to Ads manager in the top left of the screen. In Ad set in the left menu, you’ll have the ability to customize the Audience. If you click on create a new one and then custom audience, you should be able to see the list of all the Custom Audiences you’ve already created and the number of people each audience contains 😄

Now you’re ready to create your Ads’ design 😁

Hit Ad in the left menu bar and select the type of ad you’d love to run. If you’re looking for the perfect guide for Facebook ads, have a look at this awesome guide from Buffer 😃

We’d love to learn how it’s going… and if you’re up for it, would you mind sharing your campaign stats with us?