Getting started with open-source Drone CI

Alex Barashkov
Apr 12, 2019 · 4 min read
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  • Yaml-based configuration
  • Multi pipelines and complex build step logic support
  • Docker based
  • Free
  • Github, Gitlab, Bitbucket support

Get the Host

For the purposes of this test, we use an AWS EC2 free tier instance, but you can use whatever you want. To use our approach, follow these steps:

  • Add your SSH pub key to Key Pairs section on the EC2 page (to access your — instance via SSH);
  • Create a new Ubuntu 18.04 free tier instance on AWS;
  • Allow 80 and 443 ports for the Security Group of your instance; if it’s a fresh account, use launch-wizard-1, or find it in description of your EC2 instance.

Install Docker

You only need Docker to start using Drone. Just follow the instructions here. Check that you installed everything right by running “docker -v”.

root@ip-172-31-23-205:~# docker -v
Docker version 18.09.3, build 774a1f4

Create an OAuth Application

We use Github for examples, but you can also run it on Gitlab, Bitbucket, Gitea, and Gogs. More information here.

  • Click “new oAuth app”.
  • Fill out the form, as per the example below.
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Install Drone

This is very simple, just use the following:

docker pull drone/drone:1
--volume=/var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock \
--volume=/var/lib/drone:/data \
--env=DRONE_GITHUB_CLIENT_ID=652d1he1a62b6336bf0 \
--env=DRONE_GITHUB_CLIENT_SECRET=c8990176a4bfywe55ekj8c3cf6d0ffccb8e3a213e \
--env=DRONE_SERVER_PROTO=https \
--env=DRONE_USER_FILTER=lnikell \
--env=DRONE_USER_CREATE=username:lnikell,admin:true \
--publish=80:80 \
--publish=443:443 \
--restart=always \
--detach=true \
--name=drone \
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Define Your Pipeline

Once you have your Drone CI instance ready, it’s time to activate the repository and create your pipeline. First, find the repository using the search bar and activate it.

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kind: pipeline
name: default
- name: frontend
image: node
- npm ci
- npm run test:unit
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  • Deploying to Kubernetes
  • Pushing images to a Docker registry
  • Running database or other service instances required for tests
  • Running multiple pipelines and using multiplatforms
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