Invite kids into the office and… learn! Winter break at Pixers!

By Karolina Ostaszewska

Winter break is a time that kids wait for with great impatience. But it’s not always the case for the parents — this doesn’t have to be your ideal time for a vacation, nevertheless it’s still worth organizing the children’s time in an interesting way. At Pixers, we took advantage of this moment and invited the little ones to the office. See how colorful it became!

At Pixers, boredom does not exist, and what’s more, we try to ensure that the child in all of us never goes away. Do you know why? I’ll tell you Children possess many of the traits that we adults have to learn all over again or remind ourselves of. And what’s most important, they manifest them shamelessly not at all fearing the reaction of others. Take a look, these pictures definitely speak for themselves!

1. Children strive right towards the target and know that they want to win. And it’s the will power and awareness of one’s worth that are the first steps to success!

Determination that’s worth admiring!

2. Teamwork is not always a piece of cake, but if we want to create great things, we can’t do without it! Children get involved very easily, and the effects are much better off if there is a leader among the team, who will manage the vast resources of creativity.

Hand in hand!

3. Children are afraid of risk much less than adults. They are brave and test various solutions. This way, sometimes completely by chance, we can discover something totally breakthrough! Who knows how many future inventors visited our office during the break.

Overcome fear, test and take a risk!

4. I don’t know means I’m afraid? Better: I don’t know so I will get to know, thanks to which I will learn something new. Our children know this well! Baco Gecko established a close relationship with them very quickly and we observed how easy it is for them to become familiar with something unknown:)

Becoming familiar with the unknown means acquiring new knowledge.

5. The work-life balance is very important! When it’s time for work, give it your all, but remember that you still need to eat. Children only confirmed what we tested on ourselves — sometimes it’s better to take a 10-minute break on the couch and come back to the task at hand with new energy than to dwell on it all day — with poor results no less! Some prefer an active break — the released endorphins stimulate the eagerness to act.

A moment of relaxation works miracles;)

How do children inspire you? Send us your examples!

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