PIXERS helps to tell your business story

by Krystyna Kulisz

PIXERS’ new ad shows you the way to decorate business interiors in a way impossible thus far — by literally spreading the restaurateurs’ vision across the ceilings and walls of their venues in just a matter of days.

Past are the times when decoration meant construction crews, dirt and noise. The new way to do this is to have a designer discover what drives you, translate your vision to art and make the interior reflect the world seen through your eyes. That means — personalize the interior for you, using materials that go beyond anything you have seen.

Set in the Old Town of Wrocław, in the South-West of Poland, the Mama Manousch restaurant pictured in the ad is on the tourist trail across the historic neighborhood of the city. Located in a slightly underrated street, although busy and surrounded with the urban history, the restaurant does a great job of creating a green island infused with savoury aromas and tastes. The interior reflects the restaurateurs’ passion for their city, its people, and the joy it brings them to create this place for their customers.

PIXERStudio realization for restaurant Mama Manousch in Wroclaw, Poland

The ad shows two people describing their vision for a new restaurant in the heart of the city. They want to contribute to revitalizing the urban neighborhood by paying homage to its street art and inviting people to dive into the fusion cuisine drawing on seasonal products, all served in inspiring surroundings.

Even the restaurant’s name, Mama Manousch, alludes to homey atmosphere and simple food, and hints to Baba ghanoush Levantine dish as source of multiculti culinary inspiration. The owners already have one, high-end, restaurant but here they want to create something more daring. They want to put a unique place on the local gourmand map where their customers would be surrounded by a combination of tasty, cosmopolitan food, stunning design and atmosphere making you want to return often. They want to tell their story of appreciation and passion for a good life and invite everyone in.

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Urthboy’s song “Stories” that accompanies PIXERS’ ad works up to culminate as the perfect punchline for the restaurant owners’ visions unveiling across the venue. Lyrics evoke the day-to-day story of every business, where you need to try hard and constantly keep looking for new things. The artist sings of stories to be told, just like PIXERS promises to make your interior anything you wish, work magic in any business space and let you enjoy the change.

In the ad, the bold, energetic and eye-catching designs brought to life by the interior design architect go hand-in-hand with the beat of the song and the aura of creativity and energy that ooze from the restaurant interior. Manufactured by PIXERS, the murals that gradually spread across the walls and ceilings fall back on the town history, street art and inspiration the place is filled with.

The ad presents PIXERS’ idea of interior personalization for business on such a scale for the first time. It shows how easy and fun it can be to implement your wildest interior decor ideas and imbue the space with your vision. If you dream of having a single design drift across the space, transcend the borders of walls and ceilings, to finally touch the floor across the room — no problem. And if you have a completely new idea and inspiration in several weeks’ time, you can easily replace it with something else altogether — let your space tell a completely new story without costly refurbishment.

The ad seems to say: PIXERS for business will do their best to discover what moves you, shape the space unique to your business and let you enjoy the change, whatever change you wish for.


Client Name: Mama Manousch; Brand: PIXERS, Music: Urthboy; Spot Name: PIXERSize your business; Available online: 03–28/10; Postproduction: Juice; Script: Maciej Białek; Director: Lukasz Tunikowski; Director of Photography: Kuba Jakielaszek; Executive Producer: Bartlomiej Spasowski; Editor: Karol Rakowski; Sound Design/Final Mix: Juice Sound; VFX: Paweł Bialowas; Concept arts: Anna Nadolska; Composition and visualisation: Infini.to.

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