Massive Dynamic v5.0: Twice as Fast as Before!

Watch how Massive Dynamic v5.0 works

Our time is not just valuable but precious and we all like to experience fast results while working with devices, software, apps, and etc. In every update, we do our best to come closer to meeting your needs and expectations to show you that your time is valuable for us too!

When it came to detecting performance problems, we realized that the cache file functionality while working with different server settings had to be improved. Further, we began to notice that the loading time of opening the Element Panel is not practical for the users. So, we embarked on our most ambitious engineering project to date to resolve these issues.

In this new update, we’re very happy to tell you that Massive Builder Version 5 become almost 2x faster than before!

You can feel the faster speed when working with the setting, creating sections, updating the interface and more. We sincerely hope you will enjoy working with the faster updated Massive Builder.

Pre-made Sections Added to the Element Panel
In order to get to a faster result of making a complete section, we’ve included the pre-made sections for you to add it to your website easily by dragging & drop! In this way, you can work with the Massive Builder easier and faster than before.

You can build sections very easy.

Better User Interface = Better User Experience
We improved the user interface to offer you a vastly improved user experience. For example, building different styles for sections has never been easier than now. Accessing the elements and devising them in a way you need is now 4x faster and easier. You can literally do so in a few seconds! 
We also now offer the “Background” option as a dedicated button so that can you change the background color and image with just one click.

Brand new UI design with delightful interface.

Setting Panel Open Time is Now 3x Faster
We prioritized speeding up the time it takes you to access the Setting Panel. The time it takes for you to load setting panel has greatly improved on this update, so you can now access your desired options and elements 3x faster than before. That’s fast!

The setting panel opens with no loading time.

Live Spacing is Now Added
Spacing quickly between the elements is very important to many workflows. In the older version you had to add spaces by adding a number on the setting panel and that was not a practical option for you. In the updated version, you have this ability to make spaces for the left/right and between the elements or the top/bottom of them incredibly easy. So we tried our best to make it possible for you to change the spacing by dragging the handlers in the builder faster than ever.

Live Text Editor Is More Easy To Use
We improved the Live Text Shortcode (Simple Text) to expedite work results for you. So now you can change styles easier & faster and without any issues.

Four New Pre-built Websites
Access to website templates tailored for different fields of work can help you design for various purposes and clients without wasting unnecessary time.
 We already offer many powerful pre-built websites with good UX that are beautifully designed, responsive, and customizable. 
 In this update, to allow you an even more amazing selection to choose from, we have added 4 new useful and professionally designed pre-built websites for the following categories:
 “Small Business”, “Corporation”, “Case Study” and “Digital Agency”.

In conclusion, we appreciate your patience along the way and hope these improvements can help you in building the websites you desire.