The Ones “To Be Dismissed” by Elon Musk Are Creating New History

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On May 31st, Elon Musk gave his final warning to his employee who are working remotely. “In his email to SpaceX employees, Musk told workers they were required to ‘spend a minimum of 40 hours in the office per week.’ Those who did not do so would be fired, he wrote in the memo, which was obtained by The New York Times.”

“SpaceX has and will create and actually manufacture the most exciting and meaningful products of any company in space,” he said. “This will not happen by phoning it in.” — credit from Forbes

It speaks itself: Musk hates remote working.

However, PIX Moving, a company located on the west coast of the Pacific, is collaborating remotely with the cross-border Hackers from 10 countries worldwide in the Metaverse to carry out the decentralized automotive-making practice: DeAuto Hackathon

The Hackathon will last for 31 days, during which the global participants design a modular smart vehicle based on the PIX skateboard chassis platform. The vehicle will be mass produced in a decentralized manufacturing approach in the subsequent collaboration.

DeAuto Hackathon-The 1st Decentralized Automotive Hackathon

The Hackathon highlights in the first stage can be found below

DeAuto Hackathon Kickoff Session on May 15th

DeAuto Kickoff Session in the Metaverse
DeAuto Kickoff Session on Spatial

Before the official kickoff, architects, 3D artists, NFT creators, algorithm engineers, professional automotive designers, robotics engineers and other participants from 10 countries have created their virtual avatar on Spatial, meanwhile shared their avatar profiles and did a brief introduction on Discord

DeAuto Participants Self-introduction in the Metaverse

The Hackathon has been embedded with gatherings, discussions and mentorship. For the kickoff session, Matteo Barale shared his insights on Moving Space as the mentor of DeAuto Hackathon.

Matteo’s Sharing At DeAuto Kickoff Session

“When people don’t need actually to drive a car, the internal layout of vehicles is is more focused on the space itself instead of the driving part. The definition of vehicles is no longer ‘transportation tools’, but ‘a fourth space’, a part of your life and living.”

Mai, the algorithm engineer at PIX Moving, shared a presentation on the production constraints and the digital production approach

DeAuto Mentor’s Sharing At The Kickoff Session

At the end of the kickoff session, 30 hackers made a self introduction in the Metaverse through pictures and voice chat.

Introduction Session From DeAuto Participants

On May 17th, the participants formed into 10 teams based on the skillsets and interdisciplinary backgrounds. The teams have their unique and cool names:

linda-vista, project-horizon, nebulas, movingroom, dlkm, omega, b6π2♾, das-licht, all-in-3.0!, PIXEL

Each team has set up a room on Spatial for design discussion and showcasing in the Metaverse. May 20th followed the Critique session where questions on the automotive design and innovative manufacturing processes were answered.

DeAuto Hackathon Team Discussion
DeAuto Hackathon Team Discussion

On the same day, DeAuto Hackathon mentor William Chan gave a keynote speech on Smart City in the Metaverse. William is an urbanist and futurist innovating for social inclusion and climate resilience. He is the headline TEDx speaker and recent UN Fellow. In 2019, William was the only architect recognised by Forbes magazine on their ‘30 Under 30’ list globally. William also leads the World Economic Forum’s Global Shapers community in Sydney. His team drives next-gen solution building, policymaking and systems change as part of the Davos Lab.

Willam’s Keynote Lecture At DeAuto Hackathon

“Autonomous vehicles will be an essential part of smart cities. Vehicles can be modified into various shapes and functions based on different purposes. Moving space will free people from the constraints of time and space, allowing them to create more value in their lives”

A wide range of mentor sharing keeps igniting inspiration among the participants. Chan Solanki, the Thought Leadership Marketing Manager at Autodesk gave his keynote presentation on Design and Manufacturing.

“The global pandemic has influenced and jumbled the manufacturing industry as well as the supply chains worldwide. We’re committed to integrate the design and production process, reducing the dependence on the supply chain. Design works can be manufactured in a faster approach, which enables us to better respond to the fast-changing world”.

DeAuto Hackathon Mentors and Their Virtual Avatars

June 7th marked a millstone of DeAuto Hackathon, which entered into the concept presentation stage. 10 DeAuto teams have shared their progress and output achieved so far. The works are thought-provoking and impressive

Concept Presentation from the DeAuto hackathon participating teams

DeAuto is the world’s first decentralized automotive hackathon event in the Metaverse. It has gathered over 30 talented creators, designers and engineers worldwide to design and develop an L7e level EV in the Metaverse. The final creator workpieces will be confirmed as NFT works, issued on the OpenSea platform and displayed on Spatial. The most valued designs will be produced in the real world and be marked with each creator’s name.

The final demo day of DeAuto will be on June 18th from 1pm-5pm CET on Spatial, where 10 participating teams around the globe will present their final works of smart vehicles to the metaverse witnesses.

DeAuto is a Hackathon written in the history of automotive development as well as a historic Hackathon in the DAO ecology. We await you on Spatial to witness this revolutionary event

DeAuto Hackathon Final Demo Day Access: DeAuto Hackathon on Spatial

More Details about DeAuto can be found on

Special Thanks to DeAuto Hackathon Partners and Supporters

About PIX Moving

PIX Moving develop and manufacture the next-gen modular smart vehicles powered by its proprietary Ultra-skateboard chassis platform. PIX is an innovator and global leader of groundbreaking smart connected vehicles. Based on the research and development of PIX Ultra-skateboard chassis platform, a wide range of purpose-built robo-vehicles, commercial vehicles and passenger cars can be built and developed. Currently PIX products have expanded to 20 countries around the world and the company is growing rapidly. With the modular architecture, PIX products are more smart and flexible, covering 30+ application scenarios worldwide, which makes PIX a full-stack autonomous driving company with the most versatile scenario solutions. Moreover , PIX has developed the award-winning large-scale in-house metal 3D printing system, the dieless forming system as well as the real-time manufacturing. Combined with its patented vehicle generative design algorithms, PIX is capable of reducing vehicle parts and the assembly work by 70%, which enables easier maintenance and meanwhile disrupts the automotive industry from design to manufacturing, beaconing the next-generation of smart vehicle production.



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