Winner: Best Online Image Protection Platform

Kain Jones
Dec 12, 2019 · 1 min read

We are thrilled to have been named the “Best Online Image Protection Platform” in the Technology Elite Awards 2019 by US Business News.

The Technology Elite Awards looks to acknowledge the efforts of the pioneers and disruptors of modern technology, as well as those who have sustained excellence and exhibited long term dedication to their commitment to the development and advancements in technology.

This is an important recognition of our hard work to find and fight image theft on behalf of our diverse community of photographers, illustrators, designers, web stores and agencies.

We have exciting improvements and new features coming in 2020 to make our image protection platform even better. Watch this space!

Originally published at Pixsy.


We're on a mission to help photographers find and fight…

Kain Jones

Written by

CEO @ Pixsy



We're on a mission to help photographers find and fight image theft. Check us out at

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