Devcon4 Recap — Art, Crypto, Community and Plenty of 🍻

Prague was a stunning backdrop for Devcon4, with more than 3000+ attendees coming together from all parts of the world for a week filled with A+ blockchain events. There was an energy and excitement this year that was incredible to be a part of, and the goulash, medieval gothic spires and abundance of pilsner with great friends just made it all that much better.

We wrapped up our 3 month program with the Status Incubate team by participating in their #cryptolife hackathon where we curated our first live digital art gallery, and lead workshops for the hackers building NFT applications on Pixura’s APIs. Digital Art Gallery — Status #Cryptolife Hackathon — Prague, Czech Republic
CTO Charles Crain leading a workshop on NFTs/Pixura

Huge thanks to Status, who helped accelerate gallery sales by agreeing to match 100% of total sales with a donation Merry Merkle South Africa. The gallery was such a success (almost all of the works sold out) that we were invited to do a new gallery display at Devon4. Special thanks to The Ethereum Foundation for the invite, it was an incredible opportunity for our community of artists and we plan to continue doing these pop up galleries as often as possible.

CEO John Crain enjoying the SuperRare gallery at Devcon4

Creativity was everywhere this year, including the main stage where our good friend Jonathan Mann opened Devcon with an original sing along performance that included backup vocals from none other than Vitalik, Aya and other Ethereum Foundation leaders. The performance went on to become the first ever song/performance to be tokenized on, receiving a final winning bid of around $546. If you haven’t seen the performance yet, we highly recommend it.

“B-U-I-D-L” — The first ever song/performance to be tokenized on

Check out Jonathan’s awesome project Songaday World — this multi-talented Guinness record holder is tokenizing his entire body of 3000+ songs as crypto collectibles. We’re excited to be providing the NFT implementation & API for his marketplace, launching this winter.

Coming out of this year’s Prague events, we couldn’t be more excited for the future. This community is getting bigger, better and smarter every day and we’re honored to be a part of it all. Pixura’s goal is to make it easy for anyone to launch a crypto collectible project — In addition to APIs, we’re launching a platform that lets anyone deploy a digital asset marketplace in minutes, without writing any code. If you’re interested in building with NFTs or would like early access, get in touch!

Friday Night in Prague — Pixura team left to right (Zack Yanger, Jonathan Perkins, Charles Crain, John Crain)