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May 22 · 4 min read

When we launched SuperRare in early 2018, it was exciting to be blazing a new trail–there wasn’t an easy way for digital creators to tokenize their work on Ethereum and host it in a marketplace for collectors to purchase. The excitement and creative enthusiasm within the community was massive almost from the day we launched it, and propelled SuperRare into being the most active marketplace for CryptoArt, with over $100,000 earned by artists to date.

It’s been an ongoing thrill to see the ecosystem take shape and evolve over the past 18 months–from many more tools for creators, to NFT games, to the mashup of CryptoArt and virtual reality. We are witnessing the emergence of a whole new class of digital assets–open, permissionless, interoperable, and transparent. And an ecosystem of new ways to interact, transact, value, and trade them.

XERO Gallery in the open VR world Cryptovoxels

However, the ecosystem is still lacking a truly great, unified collecting experience, which we think is necessary in order to bring serious collectors and mainstream users into the CryptoArt and collectibles space. As a collector, one doesn’t have a place to view, show off, and trade one’s collection of digital works purchased on different platforms, except for generalized Ethereum “wallets” and interfaces more designed for gaming items.

After a lot of thought and product brainstorming, we’ve decided to expand the vision and possibilities for collecting in SuperRare.

This begins with looking at the whole product in a new light, from the collector experience, to the artist experience, to the introduction of more digital art and assets. In a nutshell, our vision for the future of SuperRare is to be the best place for collectors to view and share their whole digital collection, connect with artists, make trades, and take advantage of buying and selling in a beautifully designed social marketplace, alongside their friends.

So what’s the first new digital art project that you’ll be able to see in your SuperRare collection?

CryptoPunks of course! 🎉

CryptoPunks, created by Larva Labs in 2017, is one of the first CryptoArt projects on Ethereum, and one of our all-time favorites. When thinking about expanding the art available to collect and trade in SuperRare, the punks seemed like the perfect place to start.

So what does this mean? Once we finish the integration in the coming weeks, if you own a punk, it’ll automatically show up in your SuperRare collection!


And each punk will have an artwork detail page, where you can view its ownership history and stats.

Punk detail page

Following that, we’ll integrate the punks into our marketplace smart contract, so that they’ll be tradable–yep, you’ll be able to buy, bid on, and sell punks, and see the latest activity in the activity feed.

Punk spotted in the SuperRare activity feed

Adding CryptoPunks is just the beginning of this expanded vision, and we look forward to continuing to integrate the best digital art projects into SuperRare in the coming months. Let us know what you’d most like to see added next!

While collecting and trading digital objects is still niche, we believe it is nothing short of revolutionary. Our overarching mission is to grow the entire space, to bring digital collecting to millions of new people, and to continue empowering artists and creators to tap into a new income stream.

SuperRare will of course continue to be a place for select artists to openly create and sell their works in a social marketplace. In fact, we have some exciting announcements to make about significantly upgrading the artist experience in the coming months.

In the near term, we’re focused on improving the filtering and discoverability options for the marketplace to help collectors find exactly what they are looking for.

Some other items on the medium-term roadmap include:

  • More payment options & simplified onboarding experience
  • Improved social profiles & collection management
  • Mobile app
  • Split payments for artist-collaboration pieces
  • Live auctions & drops

A rising tide lifts all boats, and we are confident that in focusing on an increasingly compelling, delightful, unified collector experience, we can bring millions of new people into the CryptoArt family, and benefit all creators and projects.

Have questions or comments? Let us know what you think in Telegram or at

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