Zack Yanger
Jan 14 · 3 min read

In 2016 I lost my youngest sister Rose very suddenly and ever since I’ve been searching for ways to honor and remember the amazing, creative and beautiful person she was.

I started by taking photos of Roses everywhere I went. I traveled a ton for work, and always made sure to have a fresh Rose and a camera wherever I was.

Arizona Desert
Colorado Sunset
California Concert

Then one afternoon at a Blockchain weekend seminar I learned about #CryptoArt and , which gives digital artists the ability to tokenize their works as one of a kind non-fungible tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. By this time I had already made my way pretty deep down the blockchain rabbit hole, but my discovery of NFT’s and #CryptoArt really sealed the deal.

When a piece of art is tokenized on SuperRare, it‘s permanently added to the blockchain in a way that can never be altered or tampered with. The story of this new blockchain life will forever be tracked as it moves from person to person. This new technology lets me honor and remember my sister in a way that will truly live on forever.

So far, I’ve tokenized 30 one of a kind rose inspired creations which can be seen at Each piece is created with my Rosie in mind, always bright, colorful and as wild as she was.

a long strange summer —
Starry Rose —
a rose at a show —
never ending garden —

All of my rose creations are based off my original photography. Photos from my travels, my favorite concerts, my fathers garden — each has its own story. It’s own memory. Never before has it been possible to honor and remember someone in such an amazing and permanent way. Never before has it been possible to share your creations with people in all parts of the world in a way that can be tracked and never tampered with. At any time I can always go back and see the history and provenance of each of my roses, each of my memories, as they move from collection to collection to be enjoyed.

This started as an experiment but has quickly grown into something so much more for me. It’s more than therapeutic. My crypto art isn’t about gaining money or fame, it’s about spreading beauty and love in honor of my sister Rose. While her life on this earth may have been cut short, her blockchain life is only just beginning.

In Loving Memory R.E.Y. 🌹


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