How to Buy #CryptoArt!

So you wanna buy some CryptoArt but don’t know where to begin? Follow these step by step instructions to easily discover and buy your first piece.

Jun 28 · 4 min read

The first thing you’ll need to do is purchase the ETH you’ll need to acquire the art and cover the gas cost of running the blockchain transaction. Head to Coinbase, set up your account and purchase the amount of ETH you’ll need depending on your art budget. Remember you’ll need a little extra ($1-$2) to cover the gas costs for running the blockchain transactions. Note– Coinbase may be available in regions outside of the US, in which case we’d recommend just searching the web for the right solution.

Buy ETH with Coinbase

Next, download a mobile wallet/browser so you can browse and make payments directly within any web 3 platform (like SuperRare). Coinbase Wallet is a great option that can be easily downloaded for iOS and Android. If you already have a web3 wallet set up, you can use that and skip this step.

Download a web 3 wallet/browser like Coinbase Wallet —

Once you’ve downloaded and set up a web 3 wallet/browser, you’ll need to transfer ETH from your main Coinbase account to your new mobile browser. Coinbase wallet makes this super easy — simply go into the settings in Coinbase and click the “transfer” button to transfer the desired amount of ETH to your Coinbase Wallet.

Now it’s time to set up your SuperRare account. In your mobile browser head to and sign up for a new account using the ETH wallet address that holds the ETH you just purchased. Pick a username and now you’re ready to buy your first piece.

Now for the fun part — when deciding on the first piece you want to buy (and how much you want to spend) it’s a good idea to checkout the artist leaderboard to get some insights into which artists are selling the most and what kind of prices they are usually getting for their works.

If you see an artist that interests you, you can go straight to their artist creations page, where you can filter and sort all of their works by price (lowest/highest) or by tokenization date (newest/oldest). Example:

If you prefer to browse all of the available artworks at one time instead of browsing a particular artist, head to the “Marketplace” where you can sort and filter between all 3,500+ works that have been created on SuperRare so far. You can also toggle between works that have a list price, an open bid, or that are still owned by the creator.

You’ve now identified the piece you want to purchase — congrats! If the piece has a “Buy It Now” price you can either purchase it immediately at that price, or you can enter a bid for the amount you are willing to spend and let the artist decide whether they’ll accept it or not.

If you’re happy with the list price, simply click the “Buy Now” button under the artwork, then click “Confirm” on the next pop-up. Once you’ve finished the transaction you’re all done and the new piece should show up in your collection in about 10 minutes, after the blockchain confirms the transaction.

If you prefer to offer put in a bid for the artist to consider, just click the “Place A Bid” button, then enter your bid on the next pop-up. The artist will receive a notification of the bid and if accepted the piece will show up in your account after about 10 minutes. It’s important to note that bids will remain open until they have either been accepted by the artist or cancelled by the bidder.

You’ve now either acquired or put a bid in on your first piece of CryptoArt. If you ever want to view or share your collection of artworks you can do so by heading to the direct collection link for your account.


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