Pixura Update & ETHDenver ArtDrop

John Crain
Feb 13, 2018 · 3 min read

2018 is going to be a huge year for non-fungible tokens. It is inspiring to see so much innovation happening in the convergence of art and the blockchain, bringing with it the promise of a fundamental shift in how unique digital content is created, stored and exchanged. Due to this groundswell of innovation, we are able to envision a world in which artists can make money on the internet more easily by issuing digital art to their fans and followers using Ethereum.

This is the true nexus behind why we have been working hard on building Pixura, an Ethereum-based platform for issuing, trading and collecting digital art. Since late 2017 we have made significant progress on our internal milestones of developing the app and have begun onboarding artists to the platform. If you are a maker and have digital work you’d like to issue as limited edition digital prints, drop us a line at hello@pixura.io or you can sign up for the artists network beta here.

The team is heading out to ETHDenver hackathon this coming weekend, and in preparation we’ve launched a refresh of our website and deployed the current version of our contracts to Ropsten. If you’re going to be there, be sure to find us and say hi! (Also, shout out to the ETHDenver team for getting this monumental event together!)

Incoming ART DROP!

If you’re active in the Ethereum community, you are likely familiar with “airdrops”, in which a new token is distributed to a large number of Ethereum addresses. In the spirit of bringing art to the blockchain, and to celebrate our launch and ETHDenver, we’ll be giving way 30 rare digital prints in Ethereum’s first “ART DROP” — details of how to participate are below.

One of our first partners in the network also happens to be one of our favorite artists, New York based @killeracid. His first release on the platform will be 24 super rare Killer Acid gifs. He has generously donated 14 super rare gifs for the event and we’re super stoked! We will slowly be releasing the art work over the next few days but here is a teaser…

Rare digital gif — KillerAcid’s 4:20 Cat, animation by Cartuna

Additionally we’ve partnered with @raresatoshi, an up-and-coming artist in Brooklyn who put together some ETHDenver inspired rare illustrations for the event. There will be 16 of these in total.

Rare Satoshi’s limited edition ETHDenver Shredding Robot 1/16

There are 2 ways to participate in the art drop.

  1. The first is open to the public and you just need to sign up for the public beta on our website between the dates of Feb. 13th — 19th, 2018. We’re giving away one “Rare Killer Acid” character and one “Rare Satoshi” ETHDenver inspired illustration to participants that enter this way.
  2. The second option is exclusive to ETHDenver participants. During the event, simply tweet the hashtags #ETHDenver #ArtDrop2018, and feel free to include why you’re excited for dank crypto art and non-fungible tokens.

Winners will receive a non-fungible art token, issued on Pixura and sent to your Ethereum wallet. We’ll announce winners shortly after the event and will follow up for your Eth addresses when we launch on the live net in the following few weeks.

And as always, if you’d like to learn more about the project, or have ideas about how we could collaborate, get in touch at hello@pixura.io.

Love, the Pixura team


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John Crain

Written by

Founder @SuperRare_co @ConsenSys OG. Founding member @blockapps.



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