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XERO Gallery in cryptovoxels,2U,257N

Curated by XCOPY, Xero Gallery is a collection of #CryptoArt that’s been donated by more than 25 artists and collectors around the world to help raise money and awareness for charity. All works are available for bidding over the course of this week, with the auctions ending between Friday and Sunday this weekend - all proceeds will be donated to

The Water Project is a non-profit organization unlocking human potential by providing reliable water projects to communities in sub-Saharan Africa who suffer needlessly from a lack of access to clean water and proper sanitation

Art was donated by an impressive roster of artists and collectors from SuperRare and Known Origin. SuperRare works are available for bidding via the SuperRare marketplace, with the KnownOrigin works being auctioned via Opensea.

Make sure to follow and check the Xero Gallery Twitter Account to stay informed on the auction end times for each of the works.

SuperRare Works:

View and bid on all of the SuperRare XERO Gallery works at

@DrBeef — “AI Generated Nude Portrait #7 Frame #153”, donated by @Zaphadok

@ArtbyMLO — “Seed Phrase Words Visualization RGBVCS Black Edit”

@artonymousartifakt — “Skull 1.9”

@shortcut — “Dismantle”

@Snikt83 — “Coming or Going”

@coldie — “Andreas Antonopoulos — Decentral Eyes — Variant 01”

@FractalEncrypt — “HyperCube”

@Pbock — “Mr.Gray”

@Hex0x6c — “seed_7321”

@Hackatao — “Generative turbulence on Podmork HOD56”

@NIQ — “Art #3”

@LoveArtHate — “Square Simply”,-simply-2411

@Ilan Katin — “Harmonics of Empire I”

@Yuramiron — “ALEPH-2”

@OpheliaFu — “Crying Moon”

@XCOPY — “The Doomed (Mono)” & “0”

@ArtPlusBrad — “1703 AH02” & “1905 JH02”

@Roses — “Stacks on Stacks”

@Nissla— “Vent us”

KnownOrigin Works:

All of the Known Origin pieces that were donated are being auctioned off via Opensea at the following link:

So far there have been about $350 worth of bids across the collection of works with a week to go. Let’s all work together to help make this incredible initiative a huge success.

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