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Important news regarding the future of PixxieBot Premium

We’ve started the process of moving away from Patreon for handling our premium subscriptions. There are a few reasons for this, mainly:

For these reasons, we’ve moved to using Chargebee and Stripe for managing our premium subscribers, the same payment setup used by a lot of popular Discord bots such as MEE6 and TriviaBot.

What this means for you

If you would like to keep your premium subscription, we recommend canceling on Patreon and going to our website https://pixx.ie/premium, logging in using your Discord account, and subscribing there. We don’t have access to your payment details, and the only data we collect is your Discord ID and email address in order to be able to associate the two to enable your premium perks. All the rest of the data is handled by Stripe. You’ll find an FAQ on that page with some helpful information. If you need further assistance or have other questions, just ask in the support server!

When do you need to do this?

We recommend doing this at the end of June / beginning of July before your Patreon subscription renews. If for any reason you get charged twice (once on Patreon and again by setting up Premium through our website) please get in touch and we’ll immediately refund the Patreon charge in full!

What this means for PixxieBot

Less fees means more income both for PixxieBot and in turn, bigger monthly donations to Cancer Research UK. PixxieBot is growing rapidly, at over 14,000 servers already and our hosting plan will soon need to be upgraded again if we’re to keep the bot online and running smoothly and reliably. Your support is as important now as ever!

I hope everything is clear! As always, a huge thank you on behalf of PixxieBot Staff and all her fans. Without you, she probably wouldn’t be able to survive. And with €468.02 donated to Cancer Research UK, we hope to keep that number growing and do more good in the world with your help!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out either here, in your private premium support channel if you’re Tier 2 or above, or in my DMs!




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