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Updating PixxieBot’s top.gg voting rewards

Millionnaires get the coveted castle badge on their PixxieBot profile

Since PixxieBot launched back on February 9th, 2020, she’s received more than 4,300 votes on top.gg, placing her in the top 350 most-voted bots of all-time on the website.

All the votes PixxieBot gets are very much appreciated and as a token of our thanks, we’ve been rewarding voters with Pixos, our in-bot currency.

Up until now, Pixos have been rewarded using the following formula:


The problem with this formula, which we’ve recently noticed, is that the rewards quickly get out of hand!

Yes, we saw those ungodly rewards you’ve been getting…

To reward our most loyal voters and avoid having too many Pixillionnaires, we’ve decided to change the formula.

Don’t worry, you get to keep the Pixos you have already…

Starting next Monday, October 12th, this new formula will be applied to your voting rewards:


Don’t worry, I’ll explain…

This allows us to get the number of the week which we’ll round off to the highest integer, for example if the result is 0,14 because it’s your second vote, it will count as 1).

Then we’ll take that result and multiply it by 150. So week 1 will earn you ₱150 per vote, week 2 will earn you ₱300 per vote etc.

Yeah it’s mathematics geekery but trust me it’s fairer.

However, on weekends — and to reward our most loyal voters — since votes count double on top.gg, your weekend voting rewards will be doubled in the bot!

Don’t lie. When you vote this is literally your reaction inside…

We hope this new voting formula will make it fairer for loyal voters and add more of a challenge on the road to ₱1,000,000!

Thanks again to everyone who’s been using PixxieBot and voting, and a special thanks to all our Patrons on our Patreon page who keep the bot alive! Without your support, she might not have been able to survive the growth she’s been seeing lately! ❤️

We’d love to hear your feedback about this topic or the bot in general in our community Discord server which you can join here!



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