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PizzaDAO at SXSW

PizzaDAO is proud to announce that we will be attending South by Southwest, the legendary music, technology, and arts festival held every spring in Austin, Texas during the University of Texas Spring Break. Young people take time off the books to see what’s shaking in the world of technology and music while of course having a good time; while pros in tech, music, and art fly in from around the world to showcase what they’ve been working on. Startups have been known to “break out” at SXSW, but the event has been bottled up by the coronavirus for the past few years.

This year will be special for many reasons. Crypto and NFT technologies are taking off, so lots of successful startups should be around. And of course, for the first time, PizzaDAO will be giving away pizza and sharing NFT Technology with the world at SXSW!

That’s not all, either. Both Pizza Presser (that’s my pizza mafia name!) and Mamma English (Jennifer English) will be at events #2 and #3 on the list below in person, along with a number of other pizza mafia members who may be in attendance. Come see us in person! We’ll have pizza, merch, and raffle tickets to win an unopened Rare Pizzas Box NFT, redeemable for a Rare Pizzas NFT. Whether this is your first chance to own an NFT or an opportunity to expand your substantial collection, you won’t want to miss the pizza mafia at SXSW.

Event 1: Pi Day Metaverse Art Show, 3/14/2022 in Cryptovoxels

About the Pi Day Metaverse Art Show (Virtual), 4pm Austin Time on 3/14 in Cryptovoxels

Our pizza-themed show features a variety of artists from all over the world (or all over the metaverse), focusing on pizza but also looking at other subjects as desired by artist. The Rare Pizzas NFT Collection features the work of over 314 different artists and an advanced “baking” algorithm that determines the frequency, layout, and appearance of each Rare Pizzas Topping. What could be more underground SXSW than a Pi Day Pizza Art Show in the metaverse? Join the other attendees in the PizzaDAO Discord to chat about the art and on Cryptovoxels to look at it!

Event 2: PizzaDAO x ATX DAO

About the Rare Pizzas x ATX DAO Pizza Party at The Ranch on E. 6th, 6pm-2am 3/16/2022

PizzaDAO is proud to announce that we have partnered with ATX DAO to bring you FREE PIZZA at SXSW! That’s right, we’ll be handing out plenty of hot cheesy pie during the Austin On-Chain Event. We’ll also have some merch and auction off a Rare Pizzas NFT Pizza Box (currently a .3ETH value!) to help pay for the world’s largest pizza party (at the Austin pizzeria that provides the pizza for the event) on May 22, 2022!

Event 3: The Future of Food SXSW Wrap Party & PizzaFest with ABGB & PizzaDAO


About the PizzaDAO Future of Food Wrap Party at ABGB (Austin Beer Garden Brewing Company), 7pm-2am 3/18/2022

The Austin Beer Garden Brewing Company is a known pizza lover’s hangout located right in the heart of Austin. An indoor/outdoor venue, the ABGB (as it is locally known) is revered as a shady spot to cool off with a refreshing beer and a tasty ‘za. That’s why Future of Food has chosen this delightful location for the 2022 SXSW Wrap Party. With a large venue and a star-studded event cast, we’ll send SXSW 2022 home in style!

A second NFT Pizza Box will be auctioned here, proceeds to sponsor Austin Beer Garden Brewing Company giving away free pizza on Bitcoin Pizza Day, May 22, 2022.



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