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PizzaDAO Medium: What You’ll Find Here, and How To Write For Us!

We’re here for the pizza.

Hey Pies!

Welcome to the PizzaDAO Medium account. We have one common belief: Pizza shud b free.

This publication is intended to showcase and celebrate pizza. Articles found here may range from the rarest pizza in the world to the nature of cryptocurrency, DAOs, degen art, or even cutting-edge DeFi strategies. The Rare Pizzas Bitcoin Pizza Party on May 22, 2021 will break new ground for art projects everywhere by providing people a template to modify economies that exist in the real world…. as part of an art project. It’s quite revolutionary, but we find that it takes people a bit to totally wrap their heads around that sometimes, so no shame if it takes a day or two to process.

Basic Guidelines To Write For Us

  1. Don’t be a hater. Let’s focus on the things that bring us together, such as pizza, DAOs, NFTs, Art, Technology, and the PizzaDAO where all these things intersect.
  2. Anything goes that relates to the Rare Pizzas project, NFTs, Art, DAOs, etc. is highly sought for this magazine, whose key purpose is to give the PizzaDAO a voice in the world of writing.
  3. This publication is designed to showcase the people who have come together from all places and walks of life to make pizza free.

Please visit for more information and don’t forget to check our channel (#medium) in the PizzaDAO Discord Server.



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Thomas Dylan Daniel

Thomas Dylan Daniel


Philosopher. Founder of WIP Publishing & PAGE DAO. Author of Formal Dialectics and Bring Back Satire.