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Our PL^GNet Staking Contracts Pass Security Review

A key part of staking is knowing you can trust the contract code. We engaged world-leading crypto contract reviewers Hacken to assess our PL^G rewards smart contracts, and they gave us top marks!

Hi again PL^G power rangers!

As you know, we’re spinning up our awesome PL^G staking rewards program. Read about it here. You can get ready to earn in Pool A (the “super power pool”) by putting your liquidity into UNIv2. Learn how to do that here.

PL^G Smart Contract Security

But before you do that, you’ll want to be sure our smart contract code is secure and protected from attacks.

To ensure that it is, we engaged Hacken CyberSecurity Services to independently audit our code. They’re a leading security consulting company with a focus on blockchain security.

They audited our (publicly available) code, here on GitHub.

What Hacken did, and what they said

Hacken scanned our smart contracts for commonly known and more specific vulnerabilities. Some of the commonly known vulnerabilities that are considered:

• Reentrancy
• Ownership Takeover
• Timestamp Dependence
• Gas Limit and Loops
• DoS with (Unexpected) Throw
• DoS with Block Gas Limit
• … and 20 more!

With the review complete, Hacken gave us their top grade for security :)

This great result is one of the final steps to launching our rewards pools. Thanks to the PL^G dev team for their great work on this code!

We’re finishing off our UI now, then we’ll be ready to go. I’ll be back with another blog soon, to announce the launch and tell you all about Pool B.

Until then…




A network to enable asset custodians to leverage any asset from any network in its synthetic form in DeFi.

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