The PLAAK Freelance App: Changing the Way You Pay

PLAAK has built into their ecosystem enhanced features that allow people to conduct various forms of transactions and exchanges. These features are designed to help users improve their standards of living and increase their opportunities. PLAAK focus on empowering people through different connected platforms.

PLAAK is not only focued on building useful solutions but also on creating sustainable system that can continue to provide increased benefits to their consumers. The sustainability of this system is built around blockchain technology which ensures ecosystem is effective, transparent, and secure.

PLAAK truly believes in using the blockchain to empower people in their daily lives.The PLAAK ecosystem aims to provide self-employment opportunities by making services available on the ecosystem. While the every-day employment generally involves a boss telling employees what to do or not to do, the ecosystem promotes freelance employment, allowing users to be in charge of their own employment.

PLAAK allows freelancers to provide services directly to consumers and directly receive payments for those services. The blockchain makes this possible; smart contracts directly facilitate these agreements. Buyers can also pay using any kind of cryptocurrency or fiat currency.

This form of exchange aims to replace the ineffective wire transfer system which can be lengthy and has high fees. With the PLAAK freelance app, users would receive confirmation immediately after the transfer is made and the payments.

PLAAK not only supports freelancers but small companies as well. They aim to incorporate a blockchain automated payroll system into the ecosystem. While a normal pay-roll system operates in a way that people have to work then wait to be paid, PLAAK’s blockchain automated payroll ensures that users get paid for every service they render. In essence, the PLAAK payroll system provides an exchange forum where users do not have to wait to be paid per-hour, per-day or per-month. Here, users get their money the second their services are accepted.

PLAAK aims to provide an exchange platform where users will not be stipulated under the monthly payroll system but an immediate payment system thereby giving them the opportunity to make use of their funds immediately.

In support of the ecosystem Plaak has also created PLAAK tokens. PLAAK is in currently having its ICO sale with an ongoing bonus structure so most people will be able to afford the tokens. After gaining much popularity in the pre-ICO stage, people are encouraged to get in while they can. PLAAK do not intend to create any more tokens after the ICO.

PLAAK’s facilitation for transactions and modes of exchange is foundered on making transactions easy for people to use fiat currency and cryptocurrency. They are empowering people to be able to make changes to their way of life and not have to rely on established norms.

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