World Series Placemaking Battle

While the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Boston Red Sox fight on the field the latest version of a long hallowed city rivalry that includes names like Ruth, Magic, Bird, Pierce, Bryant and many more, we look at how each city stacks up on the “streets.”

People Street- Los Angeles

Griffith Park Boulevard- “People Street” (

People St is a program of the City of Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT) in collaboration with the City of Los Angeles Departments of Public Works and City Planning, the Office of Mayor Eric Garcetti, and the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro). Through this initiative started by Mayor Eric Garcetti, community groups and residents can apply to the City for expertise and funding to support “pavement to plazas,” parklets and bike corrals across LA’s neighborhoods.

Numerous projects have been installed across Los Angeles turning the cities more car centric areas into plaza’s built for people. Judging by the results we’ve seen out of this program, it was a “grand-slam” for the City of Los Angeles and all of it’s residents. Kudos LA!

Placemaking Across Boston

Tontine Crescent, Boston’s Downtown Crossing Neighborhood

From the “Front Lawn” to Open Newbury and the Tontine Crescent, Boston has seen a very recent but STRONG wave of people first initiatives across the City, prioritizing people over cars in many of their latest endeavors.

A partnership between the Downtown Boston Business Improvement District, City of Boston and local developers turned a redundant section of roadway into a beautiful outdoor plaza with seating, umbrellas and new bike infrastructure. This was received by the community and local workers with rave reviews, having a new “green” space to take outdoor meetings, lunches, coffees and more!

On Newbury Street in Boston, #OpenNewbury has taken the City by storm, drawing thousands of residents and visitors to the wide open street to enjoy extended outdoor dining, games, outdoor music, shopping and much more.

Looks like Boston’s also hitting a Placemaking grand slam! So that leaves the final vote up to YOU! Let us know which city you think is winning the placemaking game and what, if anything we missed in each town. Oh, and based on this author’s allegiances… GO SOX!