Exxonmobil Summer Internship Selection

Hello People!! Hope all of you are safe.

First of all, thank you Lahari for taking out time to explain me the procedure so that I could write my article on time.

So, here’s how the procedure went…

First of all, bad news…. ExxonMobil had a high cutoff so as far as i know only 9 pointers were allowed to sit.

But let’s not get demotivated right away. Companies change their eligibility criteria sometimes. So, fingers crossed!

There was initial screen off based on group discussion. The topics of GD varied from infrastructure monitoring to AI. Basically candidates had to derive a system architecture and discuss the various use cases. Social issues were also to be considered like remote availability, development etc.

Then from each group 2 people (out of 12) were shortlisted for next round which was PI(Personal Interview).
Due to time constraint last year, candidates had their tech and managerial interviews together. Questions on basic OS and DS were asked. They were pretty simple. Then they asked questions on the projects mentioned in the CV. Asked to explain the entire project development process and contributions….. went on for 45 mins.

Then from around 12 people they shortlisted 5 people and took small HR interviews..very small..like 5 mins.
Finally, from 5 they selected 3 candidates…(I guess this was based on their requirement).

PS: Before appearing for selection procedure, do a detailed research on all the trending topics related to technology.

All the best to everyone out there!!!

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Arya Goswami

Arya Goswami


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