Placement Guide for Non- IT branches : Introduction

Hello placement aspirants!!! I have been writing blogs on placement preparation and till now, it was focussed mainly on CS/ IT branches. But after receiving requests on starting a similar series for helping out other branches, I along with a friend of mine have decided to start a series to help other branches like ECE, EEE, Civil, Mechanical, BioTech etc…

So, I welcome you to the Placement Guide for Non- IT branches.

This series is specially for those students who want to start a career as consultant/analyst/Management trainee or we can also call them Non- tech roles.
A lot of companies both dream and super dream want to hire students in management fields.
Some of the well knowns are Deloitte, future’s first,KPMG, American Express, ZS associates, PWC, McKinsey, hyperverge, Thorogood Accenture, E&Y etc.
All of them either come for roles of analyst or marketing intern.
Now , they have recruitment process entirely different from software engineer profiles. No one really talks about preparation for these roles and people are quick to assume that it just requires basic aptitude, well let me make it clear once and for all, it is not that simple.

Yes, aptitude is needed and one of the first steps but that is not all.
For starters, the 1st round consists of aptitude questions which have time limitations. So speed is the major factor.

In general also, a lot of technology profile companies keep aptitude rounds as elimination round and only after clearing them you’re allowed to enter into coding test.
For example in axxela advisory’s round one, there are 50 questions of basic maths and only 5 mins. One has to solve a minimum of 30–35 in order to qualify for the coding round.
So don’t consider aptitude in a light way. Keep practicing them during the hours when you’re tired of coding or wanna take a break. It’ll be helpful for all the profiles.

Resources regarding aptitude practice and questions about consulting companies will be provided in next post along with placement procedure, resume tips for application in management roles, interview preparation and a lot more.

So, stay tuned and leave a comment if you have any queries or want me to write a blog on something specific.



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Arya Goswami

Arya Goswami

Incoming SDE intern at Amazon || Ex- mentee at Amazon ACMS