Placement Guide for Non-IT branches: Preparation Strategies

Hey Everyone! I hope you are doing well. This is the second segment of our series of placement guide for non-IT branches.

I hope you have gone through the introduction of the series before you continue with this segment. If not, refer the following link:

Today we are back with the resources as promised on how to approach guesstimate and case interview questions.

  • Interviewers only check your thinking ability or approach when they give you an guesstimate question.
    For example- how many flights departs from Delhi airport in a day. No body knows the exact value and 90% of the times the value estimated is far off from the real value and so what matters here is the way you build your solution step by step.
  • Second basic rule while giving an interview of this sort is to always keep interviewer in loop with your thought process.
    It should be like a conversation going on with you asking him about the assumptions being valid or not and him being giving you tips.

Here’s a series on YouTube that is really helpful to build your interest

In this link you’ll find good approach to the problems.

Other useful link could be

You are free to Google and find more websites and questions to practice.

Lastly, here are some good sites to practice aptitude in your free time-
1. indiabix
2. Faceprep
3. Prepbytes
4. Careerride( this has a youtube channel as well)
5. m4maths

I have also attached an ebook for your reference.

All the best.

Next coming up would be Zs and Deloitte recruitment process and tips as well as common topics for GD and JAM.




Helping beginners to pace up for placement preparations

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