RBS: Royal Bank of Scotland

Hey Everyone!

RBS, Royal Bank of Scotland (now re-branded as NatWest Group) visited VIT campus in the month of August to offer summer internships to 3rd years and full time employment offers to 4th years.

I took part in the internship drive and I am sharing my experience here. Short listing was done prior to the online exam based on CGPA.

First Round:

First round was an online test conducted on mettl platform, which was a mixture of technical MCQs, aptitude, quantitative ability and coding questions. Technical MCQs were mainly based on data structures and algorithms, OOPS concepts, DBMS and OS. There were 2 coding questions, one was easy and another was of medium level. I solved 2 questions completely and did technical MCQs well. I was able to solve around 70% of aptitude and quants questions.

Around 100 people took the test, 43 were shortlisted for the next round.

Second round:

After the first round, there was a pre-placement talk for the shortlisted students held by the company post which we had the second round.

This round was a written round. We were given 2 questions which we had to solve and write code within the allotted time of 20 minutes.

Question 1: Find the nth root of a number correct up to 3 places of decimals, without using any in-built functions.

Question 2: An unsorted array and a value x are given. Find 4 values of array (quadruplets) whose sum is equal to the given value x. An array should be returned in which the quadruplets are in sorted order.

After this round, around 10–15 were shortlisted for personal interview.

Third round:

There were two interviewers and they were very supportive and friendly. They introduced themselves to me first and asked me to introduce myself. I was asked to explain the questions solved in the second round. We discussed my solutions, the interviewer asked me to come up with a better solution with better time complexity. He also gave hints and added few corrections to my code. After this, he started asking technical questions on the programming languages that I mentioned on my resume and computer networks (As I did a certification course on Computer Networking). There was in-depth discussion on one of my projects, he asked me to explain the entire flow of the project and questions followed. He also asked questions on DBMS and OS concepts, I was asked to write 2 to 3 SQL queries. Questions on multi-threading and machine learning basics followed.

Once they were done with technical questions, they asked questions testing leadership ability, team and change management what seemed like a pro-fit/HR round.

Some of the questions..

· Did you work in a team before? What do you think is the most important quality one should possess to lead a team?

· What do you know about RBS and why do you want to join RBS?

· Tell us a situation where you had to undergo a drastic ‘change’ and how did you manage it?

· Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Finally 5 students were selected for the internship!!

Some tips!

Focus on basics of core CS subjects and be sure of all the things mentioned in your resume. Be confident and articulate your thoughts clearly to the interviewer. Always ask questions at the end when interviewer asks — ‘Do you have any questions for me?’

All the best :))

-Krishna Manmayi

I hope the article helped all the students out there. Congratulations Manmayi and thank you so much for providing us with such insights. We all wish you good luck for future endeavours.

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