Announcing our Fall 2016 Release

Today, we’d like to announce our upcoming updates with our Fall 2016 release.Moving forward, we’ll be making announcements every calendar quarter which will update you with our newest features and functionality.

For most users, the release will be live by 5pm PST September 26, 2016.

New Features

New Campaign and Line item UI

  • Re-organized Detail in Tabs
  • Approval Status Filters
  • New Dropdown Filters
  • Added Warning labels and Ad-Server Status on the line items
  • Summary Totals in the Line Item Grid by Status
  • Ability to Delete Attachments
  • Multiple Products Selection: Ability to select multiple products from the search results and apply the same variables to those products

Calendar — Includes the ability for users visualize line items based on predefined reporting in a calendar interface

Stand-alone Forecasting — Ability to generate a forecast without creating a campaign and lines, and add multiple products to a media schedule based on availability

Ability to add an agency relationship to an advertiser account.

Rate cards: ability to manage specific pricing or discounted CPU by advertiser or agency.

Improved Change history log on campaign


  • Include Targeting Option for Report Export
  • Specify by Advertiser or Agency in global search
  • Added AppNexus Ad Server pre-push Validations
  • Campaigns and Line Items can be created against an ON_HOLD bill-to account, but cannot be set to APPROVED.
  • Reporting Label Booked has been renamed to Value.


  • Null Account Statuses are no longer valid.
  • The new account status default value is now set to ON_HOLD, user will not be able to set it to blank.
  • Report name validation
  • Report name must be unique

We hope you enjoy the new experience and please let us know what you think either at or though our feature request log.

- PIO Product and Engineering Team