Places of New York: Central Park

On a recent November day, a red boat sets sail across The Conservatory Water. (Maggie Maloney/NYU)

Autumn is in full swing in New York and there is no better place to see it than Central Park

The Conservatory Water and Kerbs Boathouse, located from 72nd to 75th street on the East Side of the park, is a busy and beautiful place. Here, you can find people racing automatic racing boats across the water and others observing on the side, taking in the view.

A pair of French tourists skateboard around the water with the Kerbs Boathouse in the background. (Maggie Maloney/NYU)
The view to the south, capturing the fall foliage and crowds in transit. (Maggie Maloney/NYU)
Captured from above, a man bends down to take a photograph of pigeons and the reflective water. (Maggie Maloney/NYU).
A contrast of crowds: some coming and going, others are content, sitting with their coffees. (Maggie Maloney/NYU)
A pair stops to look at their pictures before taking off, heading west. (Maggie Maloney/NYU)
Just before sundown, a tourist with his baggage in tow checks his directions on his iPhone. (Maggie Maloney/NYU)
A man and his dog, taking advantage of the greenspace in Central Park to play outside. (Maggie Maloney/NYU)
A man hurries to keep up while racing his boat. Every Saturday around 10am there are boat races held in the water. (Maggie Maloney/NYU)
Tourists stop in their tracks to watch the boat race in action. (Maggie Maloney/NYU)
Two girlfriends chatting as they head towards the exit, barely taking in the surrounding sights. (Maggie Maloney/NYU)
The effects of autumn are clear in the leaves: in the pond, on the ground, changing colors until the trees are left bare. (Maggie Maloney/NYU)