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Aug 22, 2018 · 2 min read

In an effort to provide the best possible scalable solution to automate the rental process and leverage AI to assist households with invisible credit/work history in gaining access to rental opportunities and affordability, and in light of rapidly advancing technology, the PlaceToRent management has turned to Hedera Hashgraph for the further development of our rental platform. Accordingly, we will be revising our business plan to reflect the new developments. Simultaneously, effective immediately, we are suspending our Token Generation Event commenced on August 15, 2018 until further notice.

What is Hashgraph?

The Hedera Hashgraph platform is an alternative to blockchain. While blockchain is a first-generation distributed ledger technology, it has certain constraints in terms of speed with just 5 transactions per second. Hashgraph offers the benefits of blockchain as a distributed ledger technology without these limitations; it is lightning-fast, fair, and secure and, unlike some blockchain-based platforms, doesn’t require compute-heavy proof-of-work.

We chose Hedera Hashgraph because it enables an entirely new class of decentralized applications that were never before possible.

Our Current Status

In a span of a few months, we have grown our online community to over 8,000 registered users from all over the world, tested numerous use cases, taken our project on the road, fought off DDoS attacks, hosted meet-ups with strategic partners and investors who believe in the PlaceToRent project and share our grand vision to explore big-picture problems and dream up innovative solutions.

While we understand that our decision to abort the TGE is, no doubt, frustrating for those of you who planned to contribute, we will honor our commitment to reward everyone for the work done. Additionally, there remain many ways to earn PTRT tokens and participate in our economy.

What happens next?

Any users who contributed to the PlaceToRent token sale in while it was open may return their PTRT tokens to us for a full refund of any ETH contributed. We thank you for your support and hope you will continue to support PlaceToRent.

Any accredited investors looking to participate in our private round should contact

We are committed to our goals and will continue working on our next generation AI-based rental ecosystem designed to provide rental opportunities and affordability to the underserved market. Stay tuned for further announcements.

RESURGAM! We shall rise again!


Revolutionizing the rental industry standards worldwide.

PTRT Media

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Revolutionizing the rental industry standards worldwide.

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