In Which We Don’t Stop

Rick Kimpel

Summer ‘16 is over, but Placewire is still giving off heat in the form of new features.

First up, Placewire now has hashtags. For example, check the #deathofsmithstreet page to track the latest from South Brooklyn landlords determined to hollow out a formerly vital commercial strip. You can add a hashtag in the caption of any upload. Come drop octothorps on us.

Next, SMS sharing. Since we’ve established that there’s little incentive to share Placewire content to other social networks, we’re doubling down on person-to-person sharing. When you’re looking at a post on a mobile device, you’ll see a convenient button which allows you to message it to someone. More to come in this area, but for now I recommend starting out by working Placewire content into your normal sexting routine.

Because success is also a feature (and a curse!), allow us to share a milestone. Gowanus is first neighborhood past the post in the race to 36 followers. The region also sports a handsome 25 posts, most contributed by a mysterious stranger.

I’d go on about this incredible journey but I need to save it for the TED Talk. Back to business!

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