Placewire Succeeds Where In-N-Out Burger Fails

I’m pleased to announce that Placewire, a new website where you can share neighborhood news and gossip by sharing photos, is now available in communities across the United States.

(UPDATE 2016/09/22: I’m even more pleased to announce that we’ve walked this decision back, and that for the time being, Placewire is focused on the NYC area.)

You can now follow your hometown, a neighborhood where you may want to live one day, or anywhere else of interest with a zip code.

I know that especially in cities and larger towns, zip codes can map poorly to real communities. (My zip in Brooklyn contains or intersects 4, debatably 5, distinct neighborhoods.) We regard this as an area for iterative future improvement. Follow Placewire on Twitter to get involved in helping us refine our neighborhood lists.

Finally, for more information on why Placewire exists, here’s the origin story.

Thanks for your time. See you in Camden, NJ 08103!