New weekly reading list on Trello (issue #3)

Leonardo Federico
Nov 2, 2017 · 1 min read

This post is a gentle recap of what we’ve already sent to the 3,909 subscribers of the Plainflow Digested Week.

Wait, what’s the Plainflow Digested Week?

The Plainflow Digested Week is an unusual newsletter delivered in the form of a Trello board. If you’re curious, in this Medium post we explained why we did this shift. Each week we collect the best resources we read on product, marketing, SaaS, markets and analytics.

This week Plainflow digested week link 👇

This week we featured: Andrew Rasmussen and the Canny’s journey, Nora Jenkins Townson, Andy Raskin’s post on Drift, Ty Magnin on the psychology behind a good user onboarding, Patrick’s guide on getting your first 10 customers and more.

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Leonardo Federico

Written by

Tinker, founder @ Plainflow



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