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Artificial Intelligence: Week #29 | 2021

This week in AI & Machine Learning: AlphaFold protein structures, model-free reinforcement learning, Vision AI in Demanding Environments, AI helping firefighters, organ transportation, and more!

Author’s Note:

Next week I’ll be teaching Intro to Computer Vision: Building Object Detection Models and Datasets on July 29th at 10:00am PDT. It’ll be a fun fast-paced workshop covering computer vision applications, data annotation, and training an object detection model with python!

Top AI Highlights this Week :

DeepMind Launches AlphaFold Protein Structure Database

Google’s DeepMind just released a massive AlphaFold database containing a prediction of nearly all possible protein structures for human cells and 20 other “key organisms” to help accelerate scientific research!

Facebook AI Research Releases DrQ-v2

DrQ-v2 is a model-free reinforcement learning algorithm for visual continuous control that uses data augmentation to learn directly from pixels.

the first model-free agent that solves humanoid from pixels

Check out the github (also contains more fun visuals)or read the research paper: Mastering Visual Continuous Control: Improved Data-Augmented Reinforcement Learning

Plainsight Partners with CP Technologies to Bullet Proof Vision AI in Demanding Environments

We’re excited to announce our partnership with CP Technologies to bring autonomous and edge-deployed vision AI solutions for rugged hardware and Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS).

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🐘 About the Author & Plainsight:

  • Sage Elliott is a Developer Evangelist at Plainsight & passionate about making AI more approachable. Connect with Sage on Twitter or LinkedIn.
  • Plainsight provides custom enterprise AI solutions, end-to-end machine learning lifecycle management, and fast data annotation for computer vision. Join the conversation on Slack.

See you next week!

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Plainsight streamlines vision AI for enterprises with new ways to analyze, share and benefit from valuable visual information. Plainsight helps the world’s most innovative customers realize the potential of their data through smart, easy to use, effective vision solutions.

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