Announcing Plair’s Newest Strategic Advisors

Plair would like to introduce two of its newest gaming industry advisors Jason Fletcher and Marc Bell. Jason and Marc both have extensive backgrounds in the gaming and streaming industry. They are crucial to Plair’s future in helping to expand our future partnerships, sponsorships and influencer networks.

Jason Fletcher is the former Director of Marketing for Twitch and has built a large network of influencers. Jason understands how the streaming market works inside and out and will be instrumental to the growth of Plair’s decentralized streaming network. We look forward to working with Jason to help build Plair into the next evolution of gaming. Jason believes Plair will be a big part of the future of gaming as we build one of the largest gaming ecosystems in the world.

Marc has an impressive global track record in new business development, strategic partnerships, and management of start-ups in a wide range of industries. He has devoted the past decade to eSports and related gaming technologies, building communities across social networks in APAC, LATAM, and the E.U. Marc has also built up an extensive network and reputation in entertainment, gaming and blockchain-based industries. Marc has been crucial in helping us bring on regional launch partners for Plair. He has been diligently working on Plair to move forward in preparation for the launch of the Plair platform.

The Plair team continues to build strong partnerships in both blockchain and eSports / gaming industries and is quickly securing a large segment of the general eSports and gaming market. We look forward to announcing future partnerships in the upcoming months.

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